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    Pokemon LIKE A BOSS moments

    Gave my Snivy the Scope Lens, Taught it Leaf Blade, and Nicknamed it "Boss Tweed" We're going to own in Clay's gym... LIEK A BAWS!
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    Anyone else deal with the "only original pokes are good" people?

    It's not very hard to argue with them. Trubbish is just garbage, then what is Ditto? I liked BW and it's probably my favorite game. I actually had a lot of fun playing it.
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    What if Pokemon wasn't avaliable in English?

    I would still play them. People Imported BW and managed to finish it. And guides do exist. And some places have walkthroughs and even fan translations.
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    Do you really use your legendaries?

    Meh, I only use Legendaries for the E4, I find Zekrom hard to train, so I don't use him.
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    Dreams about pokemon?

    I had this dream that When You Begin Diamond and Pearl, you could go on alternate story routes that I was afraid gave you a bad ending. I couldn't find Barry, so I would never become a Trainer. But, when I needed a pokemon the most, 3 Poke Balls dropped from the sky and somebody said "It Is Your...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Sounds Fun, But I would never enter any League Championships. I'd lose the first match XP
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    Is Using More Than One Starter Wrong?

    I use All the Starters of The Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova Regons. I just see it as a way of emulating Ash Ketchum in the anime. I have trouble chosing an Individual starter, and think having only one is hard, because I try my best to "Catch em all"
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    Trainer/Rival Name Traditions

    I used to name my Trainer after Mr Fox 9Yeah I know it's weird) Now I really give them official names, Save for Ash nd anime names
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    Pokemon in Life

    When I was in Mass one time, I saw the paper said "N. I baptize you in..." Of course I related it to N Harmonia
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    Why Pokemon?

    I am a gamer. I really only played Sonic. I never understood why Pokemon was so popular and I wanted to play different games. So I tried them out and loved them
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    I know how you feel sometimes. Try watching the anime, I feel better knowing I am better than Ash. And the music is very motivational; try listening to it: songs like Battle Frontier and We Will Carry On, Especially. My goal is to simply beat the game and catch Pokemon in my way.
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    Weak and Strong

    My SNivy is pretty weak I'm trading a Servine in and leaving Snivy im the PC
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    What if there was a pokemon theme park?

    The Ferris Wheel, Arcade, and Gym From Black & White's Numbasa City. Plushies (Unova Starters & Pikachu to promote B/W) Hats (Hilbert, Hlda, Ash, and even N's Hat) with Pokemon hats too a Basketball game (With Poke Ball-colored Basketballs). A simulation where you are interactive in the...
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    Hilarious Rival Names?

    I was playing SoulSliver the other day, and I had this idea to give SIlver (G/S/C Rival) a funny name. I was thinking of naming him Gaylord, but I didn't I was also watching some R/B walkthroughs where people have named Gary "Loser" and other names. I was wondering, do you have hilarious...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    When N got Reshiram. I bought White for a reason. Zekrom is cooler than Reshiram
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    What do you find annoying about your/somebody elses accent

    I articulate poorly and i am trying to fix it.
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    What do you think of Grammar Trolls?

    I was typing a really long description on Yahoo Answers. Some person called me an idiot for the dumbest reason. I didn't spell anything wrong. I Captilized Every First Letter In My Sentences Like This. So, apparently, i'm stupid :) I do not see why people care so much about grammar on the...
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    I have an American one. I wish I had a cooler accent. Some Europeans tend to think Americans are Stupid and cannot do accents
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    Your favorite internet meme.

    Smugleaf and Mudkipz, nuff said
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    I like Blue, but I;'m Getting into gray. Gray is the Balance between Everything and Nothing, Light and Dark etc. But my favorite color is Blue