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    Community POTW #19

    I can only see one real use for Leavanny right now, and even though I love bug-Pokemon I have to say it. Use her as easy-to-kill Attack EV fodder in the secret base when the RSE remakes come out. That is all.
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    New OP-The Greatest Everyday!

    I noticed that Conway was in the line of rivals that was facing off against Ash at the end of the sequence. I never really thought of him as a person who actually collected badges. Also, it's interesting that Dawn has a Togekiss. But my friends who are PokeShippers are going over the top with...
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    Pillars of Friendship (597)

    He didn't leave them behind, I think he's staying there too.
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    Member x Favourite Fictional Character Shippings v.3.0

    FloodShipping (Bianca (Pokemon) x CrazyYanmega) I have got a huge crush on that girl! Is there a place where you can talk about your CharacterxMember ships?
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    Tag! We're It! (518)

    I found the part where Slowking stopped Gyro Ball with Psychic helarious! But my favorite moment was when Magmar and Pikachu were powerfighting Fire Punch vs Volt Tackle. Magmar's "Oh sh-- expression when Chimchar came out of the ground was absolutely priceless!
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    Three Sides to Every Story (605)

    Yes, but you will notice that when Pikachu cheers, he wears a more masculine robe and paper fans. Where the heck does he get those anyway?!
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    Pokemon: Their Unusual Habits/Attacks.

    What happens when you use the move Dive on land? Or Dig over deep water?
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    Pokemon: Their Unusual Habits/Attacks.

    Shinx was sent out! Shinx's INTIMIDATE lowered Giratina's Attack! ...WTF?! How is a cute little lion cub able to intimidate a freaking huge dragon from hell?! Also Regirock and Registeel having the ability "Clear Body." Um, Clear? I also caught an Onix earlier in Platinum. Aparently it...
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    Pokemon: Their Unusual Habits/Attacks.

    Snorlax? Easy: Fat floats!
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    Pokemon: Their Unusual Habits/Attacks.

    That's easy: There are magnetic rocks called magnatite (Not Magnimite) But why can't Donphan and Phanpy get Same Type Advantage Bonus from Rollout Attack, which is practically it's signature move?
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    Pokemon: Their Unusual Habits/Attacks.

    What happens if you're surfing and you enter a battle, then you order the pokemon that you are surfing on to use Dive? BLUB BLUB BLUB! Also, in the original Gold/Silver games, I managed to teach my first wild-caught Pokemon Cut, Surf, Flash, and Fly. How can a Sentret manage to fly, much less...
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    Ways that Team Rocket can improve...

    If James had the brains to take advantage of their situation and would have caught that Shiny Metagross, they would be able to sweep any trainer around
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    Yes. The name is FireGrass shipping. ;254; ;257; Incidentally, would anyone know the name of the ship for Max (from the anime) and Yellow (from the Manga)? I think it is very cute, so I'd really like to know the name.
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    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) Discussion Thread

    Though I am a MorpheusShipper, I remember seeing something about the similarity and the potential rivalry between Misty and Angie. Someone questioned what the result could be. I think that the battle would be very close. Angie's Shinx would be very good against Misty's Water-type Pokemon, but...
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    weird pokemon moves

    You think THAT'S weird, I had a Furret that knew Fly, Surf, Cut, and Flash
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    Ash's Star Of Sinnoh so Far

    Chimchar will in fact evolve into a Monferno for sure, because a Promo poster for the Arceus Movie showed Ash's Grotle, Pikachu, and a Monferno.
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    Ash's strongest Flying pokemon?

    Staraptor will become by far Ash's strongest Flying-type Pokemon, because it knows Brave Bird, Close Combat, and Aerial Ace; It is very fast and is a heavy-hitter. And Staraptor is a 2nd Stage Pokemon like Pigeot.
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    Frozen on their Tracks (598)

    Funny watching Piplup repeatedly attacking the boulder with out any effect, and then Happiny just picked it up and threw it. LOL with Piplup's expession before she attacked the boulder. I am really gonna feel sorry for Brock when Croagunk evolves.
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    Ancient Family Matter! (575)

    I loved Byron's obsession with holes! Laughed out loud when he was telling off Team Rocket for using a machine to dig holes.
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    A Pyramiding Rage (596)

    I hate Paul, but even I winced seeing Paul taken down like that. I mean, three versus six, and none of Brandon's Pokemon even faint? Brandon has definately done some serious training. Also, I just noticed that Paul looks a lot like Silver from the Manga.