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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    Reflect/Light Screen I've never actually used Light Screen or Reflect. I've only seen them in the BS on Mr. Mimes and Vaporeons I think. So, I guess my question is which pokemon should use Light Screen or Reflect, and why?
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    Breeding & Egg Move Chains Help/Discussion Thread - Egg Moves list & FAQ in 1st post!

    Breeding in SoulSliver is hard I didn't start breeding really seriously until I got black version, so I'm not to familiar with how things might be different in previous games. Right now, I'm breeding ralts in Soul Silver. I want to make a Gallade with drain punch. Since I never bred anything in...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    This is a stupid question. Who wouldn't want to live in a world of Pokemon?
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    Stupid things in Pokemon

    Why is Gyrados flying type but can't learn any flying moves? Female Wobbuffets have lipstick. Digletts that know Aerial Ace. Dunsparce
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    Which Region did you grow up in?

    Pokemon wasn't nearly as popular as it is today?! It was called Pokemania! EVERYBODY played it! It won't be long before not all kids know what pokemon is. Anyways, I had a gameboy and every game I ever owned for it was some pokemon game.
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    Pokemon Cries!!!

    I don't understand why they haven't changed the cries for any of the older pokemon. I understand that when Red and Blue came out, technology limited every cry to sound like the speakers on your gameboy were breaking. But I see no reason why Pikachu can't say "Pika!" when I look him up in my...
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    Weakest type

    Grass is the worst defensive type. Pair it up with Bug to make it extra-terrible, which is weird because I think bug is a good pairing with other types. Offensively, poison pretty much sucks. I also generally dislike most ice-type pokemon.
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    Pokemon Dream World Discussion Thread - Read the FAQ in the first post!

    Hidden Abilities So, every pokemon in the Serebii pokedex, it lists a Hidden Ability you can get in the dream world. But not all pokemon can be found in the Dream world. How are you supposed to get the hidden abilities on these pokemon? I would really like an Abra with Magic Guard, for instance.
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    Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

    The only time I care is on Wobbuffets because a Wobbuffet with lipstick looks incredibly stupid.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I've had that stupid glitch that happens when both your pokemon faint in the same turn in a double battle. I've probably blacked out at the very beginning of the game when I only had one or two pokemon. I think I once was hatching a bunch of eggs and my only pokemon fainted in Diamond.
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    My level 100 Charizard in Blue knew Cut.