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    The Unova Region

    Point but some other ds games are pretty big it wouldn't surprise me if there was the memory available
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Lazy or not it still absolutely slays
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread

    ahh your a funny bloke is this the first time you've lost in a while
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread

    you make me laugh your best comeback is NO simply because your getting creamed in this argument
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Before we continue this tell me why do you insist on being a tard and shooting down peoples comments if they're not in coated in fact, but i like this part of your statement "because the other games have none of the necessary data for it" have you ever played a game off the 3ds store they bring...
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    Starters decide the difficulty of the game Snivy is the hardest as its stats are the worst, oshawott is medium because its average and tepig is the easiest because it has high offensive and defensive power
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Why am i not allowed to be optimistic anything could happen YOU don't know that Im wrong and i don't know that if your right lighten up and it wouldn't be the first time that an organisation has said they wouldn't do something but they do it anyway. I freely admit that the chances of this...
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    Things in Pokemon that don't make sense.

    Its all about inconvenience
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    Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! (695)

    Pretty sure the main reason to watch Pokemon is to rot the mind not to go turn into some analytical English scholar
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    The Unova Region

    And this is the challenge for modern designers, how to keep a game interesting after the story is finished, the three cities were a good idea but there does need to be more maybe if there was some sort of side quest to do after the credits or (once the console has the power) add additional...
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Its going to be hard to predict whats coming in the third game, the producer have broken the molds when they created black and white so they could very well through in some new unlock-able legendary
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I would have thought that Normal would have been the most despised type they really aren't good for much except as a counter to ghost moves
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    Anything and Everything SHINY

    My first was a Carvanah and i was like "ahhh damn my game screwed its self"
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    What is your current goal in pokemon?

    Im being incredibly optimistic with my goal as it is continuing from my other games and that is to fully EV train every pokemon in the game.
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    Official "What Game(s) Should I Get?" Topic

    Just get one of the dodge final fantasy DS games its annoying and takes for ever to complete
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    #007 Squirtle / #008 Wartortle / #009 Blastoise

    i have Any starter, anywhere, most times
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I'm guessing Kyurem based on the previous post
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    The Unova Region

    Thats what you do when your bored, set about Ev training every Pokemon in the game (its easier said then done)
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    Hardest Unova Gym Leader

    By far the biggest pain was the eighth gym, unlike other Pokemon games i didn't read the spoilers so i went in completely blind and as such had the worst possible team, 5 attempts before i beat it.