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    Favorite Video Game Quote

    You who would stand before me...Prepare to die....-Abyss soul calibur III It will rain BLOOD today!- asteroth soul calibur II Oops...dropped my balls!- juggler pokemon g/s/c
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    "I didn't make this"

    FUNNY Naruto video ^_^ http://youtube.com/watch?v=vZdWULEVBxA
  3. D

    Black trainers

    Brocks not black, theres some part in aisa with people who look EXACTLY like brock0_0
  4. D

    Aww, Peraps move "Chattering" is one of the coolest...

    Doesnt anyone realize we can do sabatage with this? Mine will be LalalalAAAUUUGGHHH!!
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    Charmeleon or charizard?

    I have charmanders of other natures, which nature is best? And why is sunnyday and overheat or blast burn a bad Idea? Sunny day makes over heat or blast burn( last ditch moves) 50% stronger and flamethrower and dragon claw would be my main attacks.
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    Ash's Father to be Revealed?!

    Oh COME ON, we all know ashes dad is the magikarp salesman!:)
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    Charmeleon or charizard?

    Ok, would sunny day, dragon claw, overheat/blastburn, and earthquake/flamethrower be good for timid charizard/charmeleon?
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    Charmeleon or charizard?

    I might train a charmander in sp attack and speed, maybe attack,to lv 50 who should I choose? I know Meleon is not as strong, but he doesnt have weakness as bad.
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    Want shiny Pokémon?

    By shiny disc, you mean discussion, not an actual disc, right?
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    Official FR/LG IVs/EVs/DVs FAQ and Discussion Thread!

    if i use vitamions and macho brace will it double what i gain?
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    Weaville Evolution

    I dont care about law earlier stated law, it evolves with kings rock, because it has a red crown on its head.
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    Behold! The $85 Deck!

    Most of those cards are unuseable in modified, hope you enjoyed spending 85$:)
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    Game Boy micro?

    I do, and its really cool.The graphics for the gba games are much better than on ds gba mode, or sp.Also you should try watching gameboy movies on it, its so clear its like your watching it on a ......plasma screen tv... sorry, i cant think of whats its like, but you should try it.
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    General Shipping Picture Thread

    ketchup shipping! http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:8kOyIi-76PWELM:www.webcntrl.com/vern/pikachu.jpg
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    Help! - "Monster" games

    Robopon, and some dino one...
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    Funny things on the net

    Itachi The Boogieman..... http://media.putfile.com/ITACHI-trailer
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    fire red action replay codes

    Just so you will stop arguing, go to LINK REMOVED or LINK REMOVED they have walk through walls, all pokemon, everthing, ok?
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    Whats the best deck or deck statagy?

    I dont know how to make a poll and i need to know: what do you think is the best deck and why. Ithink ZRE is the best because it runs so smoothly no matter what its against, ecept for groudon ex and kyogre ex.
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    Official Super Smash Brothers Brawl Topic

    Yay nintendogs! Any one else think nintendo will be visited by PETA?:)