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    Your Pokemon dream team

    The picture in my sig. speaks for itself :)
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    Your Special/Precious Pokémon

    my modest and adamant shiny charizards, they are simply epic and my favorite pokemon, and the shiny modest charizard is from my emerald so weve been thru things together :3 also my shiny adamant zangoose, his return is unstoppable
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    Biggest "Are you KIDDING me?!" Moments

    In Soulsilver fighting Cleafery in the gym(whitney i think? i dont remember) it was my quilava against it, my only pokemon cuz i didnt like any i found so didt catch any so this is what happened: She has only Cleafery left: Quilava Flame wheel, left her with like 3 hp Cleafery...
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    Hey, whats up :3, nice sig.

    Hey, whats up :3, nice sig.
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    Pokemon LIKE A BOSS moments

    The time i battled a guy on WIFI who had 6 legends, all hacked with 31 perfect iv's and 252 in every stat with only my Infernape, Volcarona and Ferrothorn LIKE A BOSS!
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    Pokemon you think need to evolve

    Probopass would like a word with you o.0
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    Its actually pretty easy, i did it on paint.

    Its actually pretty easy, i did it on paint.
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    Thanks, i spent hours looking for the pics so i could put them together :)

    Thanks, i spent hours looking for the pics so i could put them together :)
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    How does this make you feel?

    WOO! Pokemon get energized by energy balls, thats only in the card game to actually be able to attack!!! And for God's sake pikachu's tail is like that because he is AN ELECTRIC TYPE!!! Also he said that when the pokemon come out of the pokeballs they come out stronger aka evolved -__- if hes...
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    Anything and Everything SHINY

    My first shiny was a krabby in pokemon crystal or silver i dont remember quite well, i got it at the day care place, thet had somekind of pond in the back, i was like "This poor excuse of a crab sparkles like that awesome red gyarados!! go pokeball!" Years later i found a blue voltorb in...
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    Pokemon in 3D?

    actually you will end up having to buy one if new games come out cuz they wont be for the ds
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    Which starter would you pick? Charmander, and i would train my Charizard at maximun potential to prove he deserves to be called a dragon. Would you go on a journey or stay at home? Journey, start in Kanto and go to every region but then come back to Kanto to be the E4 Champion, or Team...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    http://i.imgur.com/IWTBS.png Look at the last pokemon, thats how unova would have looked like, thats every pokemon if they were made in 1st gen PS: I got this form another thread here in general pokemon discussion. Credit goes to the poster,
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    The Nickname Thread

    I named My Shiny Charizard... ShadowZard, I just fits him perfectly
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    3rd Game Speculation - READ THE 1ST POST!

    this would look amazing as the cover http://corinthiansrose77.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Gray-BoxArt-204797728
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    3rd Game Speculation - READ THE 1ST POST!

    actually black is absence of light(color) and white is the combination of every color. i still see kyurem as mascot not landorus or cobalion
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    #610 Axew / #611 Fraxure / #612 Haxorus

    I have this up for trade Adamant Shiny Haxorus 293 HP/ 432 Atk/ 212 Def/ 124 Sp.Atk/ 161 Sp. Def/ 293 Speed im looking for ev trained pokemoni dont have
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Im offering a shiny ev trained haxorus, looking for ev trained pokemon i dont have, pm me with offers PS: Details of Haxorus... Adamant Shiny Haxorus 293 HP/ 432 Atk/ 212 Def/ 124 Sp.Atk/ 161 Sp. Def/ 293 Speed
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    5th Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread - Post once per page only!

    only female pokemon give their ability to the child. is the female surskit from dream world?? if so pm me :) anyways still hatching woobat eggs over 2000...
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    Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

    i found a japanese female torchic with his dream world ability speed boost, is it possible for the dream world event pokemon like teh starters to be female? everything else seems normal