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  1. pirate555

    I still have this account! 15 years and going strong. If any old friends still linger here, feel...

    I still have this account! 15 years and going strong. If any old friends still linger here, feel free to drop a message. I have good memories from this place....
  2. pirate555

    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    Good luck on the job hunt! Just been through the jobhunting mill myself and from my experience it pays to find good agents on LinkedIn and go to interviews even for jobs you don't want to get your lines right when the right position appears. All the best!! Worst part of my day was at my new job...
  3. pirate555

    What is your height?

    5'11", which is rather tall for a female of any nation, although was particularly noteworthy while I lived and worked in Japan. I am half-Dutch though, so go figure.
  4. pirate555

    UK General Election 2017

    I'd be very surprised if the UK needs to pay the European Union significant exit costs. If they are expected to repay a portion of the EU's debts, they then assume the rights to the organisation's assets as well, and as we've been paying in for infrastructure across Europe for over 40 years, and...
  5. pirate555

    UK General Election 2017

    I've voted too! Although, as an Englishwoman living in Amsterdam, I sent my postal vote a couple of weeks ago. I've almost always voted for the Liberal Democrats (I once voted Greens while the Liberal Democrats were part of the coalition as a slap on the wrist for them reneging on tuition fees...
  6. pirate555

    Have You Ever?

    No, but it was once a dream of mine to go. Have you ever missed a flight?
  7. pirate555

    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    This right now. I have a long haul flight in 7 hours, but clocks in the Netherlands move forward tonight. Since my clocks are all on smart-devices (phone, laptop, etc.) I have no idea whether they will automatically roll forward or not, so I don't know how to set my alarm. So long story short...
  8. pirate555

    Edit the sentence

    Walmart is cruel, I'm expected to eat unripe bananas.
  9. pirate555

    Edit the sentence

    Life is cruel, I'm expected to eat rotten bananas.
  10. pirate555

    The True or False Game!

    True. I have to write a Master's thesis by the end of June and I only just found out my chosen topic is totally utterly useless. Have to start again, and I might not finish in time at this rate *sad face*. NP don't need no education.
  11. pirate555

    Return of an old artist.

    Hello from another user from your time! I really like this piece of art, it looks fantastic. And I really like the Yin and Yang concept (admittedly it helps that Umbreon and Absol are two of my favourites as well). Would be great to see more work when you have time! I've subscribed for good measure.
  12. pirate555

    What was the inspiration for your username?

    I had an unhealthy obsession with pirates when I was 16, largely inspired by Hans Zimmer's heaving orchestral pieces for Pirates of the Caribbean, which I would listen to on repeat. At least it got me into classical music. To give an example of "unhealthy", my school leaver's hoodie was bright...
  13. pirate555

    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    As it's your last year you can look for the light at the end of the tunnel. It's a shame, it seems to be the norm that people turn up at college expecting to be dazzled by the might of new learning, and by the end you're wiser only in the sense that you know these articles on "Determinants of...
  14. pirate555

    General Chat Thread - Come to #spp-misc on Discord! https://discord.gg/3u9nKEa

    I should hook you up with my father; just last week he blew my entire Master's thesis out of the water. He is the crowbar to the garage door of your confidence. Happy belated birthday! And oh, I'm back on Serebii after being barely known in my first spate of procrastination here.
  15. pirate555

    The True or False Game!

    True. NP thinks that tea should be drunk with milk.
  16. pirate555

    What's your favorite book series

    I have read the Hobbit but I was opposed to the idea of a three-film series so I only watched the first one.....that said, my friend who I would fairly state as a Tolkien expert rates it highly, so I should probably give it another go! I may take a look at Skulduggery Pleasant also...
  17. pirate555

    Hello, thank you for the friend request! I haven't been active here for about six years but I'm...

    Hello, thank you for the friend request! I haven't been active here for about six years but I'm trying to return, so I appreciate the gesture :)
  18. pirate555

    What's your favorite book series

    Tolkien's Lord of the Rings wins my vote. Aside from the fact that it was masterfully written and composed, I was exposed to it aged 11 and it transformed my way of looking at the world.
  19. pirate555

    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    Receiving a declaration of love from an ex who I'd broken up with because he hadn't uttered that phrase or any similar one (a symptom of bigger problems) in the three years we were together. Kindly received one year too late. Boom.
  20. pirate555

    The Picture Thread - Show off your good selfies here

    ^ Approve highly of the shirt! I'm not a happy selfie-taker but I need a job so it was necessary for applications today.