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    Have You..?

    Never, never been out of the US. Have you ever been in some sort of non-sexual relationship?
  2. M

    Have You..?

    Never. ever. :c Have you ever been in some sort of non-sexual relationship?
  3. M

    That's amazing! Sounds like fun...

    That's amazing! Sounds like fun...
  4. M


    Obsessed with railroads and cities o3o
  5. M

    What is the best video game you have played so far?

    Pocket Planes is now my favorite. :3
  6. M

    Have You..?

    I have not, ever. (traded my DSi) HYE slept in someone else's house?
  7. M

    Where are you?

    Where are you?
  8. M

    Have You..?

    No, I haven't. To be honest I've never been any place to the west farther than Chicago. :3 Have you ever worn a retainer?
  9. M

    Have You..?

    Not that I can remember. (Loving your signature, by the way. The show? not so much) Have you ever been swindled?
  10. M

    Disturbing Pokemon

    The Old Chateau rooms with the easter eggs did creep me out a little. I've lost the game since then and I think I had stopped there, so I have no rememberance of it other than the fact it existed and it had paintings and Gengar. Are you sure that wasn't creepypasta?
  11. M

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    After a month or so of waiting, Pocket Planes has finally been released and put into my arms. I am really enjoying Pocket Planes as it is the... the... the perfect Sim for me, as I have been studying transportation and skimmed over Aviation. It's also perfectly made, maybe a few bugs (No noise...
  12. M

    Have You..?

    Not that I remember. HYE found a new band on Spotify?
  13. M

    Have You..?

    Nope. Uzumaki scarred me. HYE been in a relationship, yet not talked much?
  14. M

    favorite flash game?

    Have you tried Pandemic II?
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    favorite flash game?

    Well, I like Neon Rider a lot.
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    Have You..?

    Only racist ones. HYE taken a poo/wizzed/etc in the wilderness?
  17. M

    Have You..?

    What? No. Ever Ding-Dong-Ditched?
  18. M

    William's Shop Down The Lane

    I am really only a scout, finding pictures you need. Not very good with fusions.
  19. M

    Have You..?

    No. Is Key West part of my country America XD ? HYE moved ?