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Search results

  1. Celestial Moth

    What Pokemon comes to mind for the Ability above?

    Caterpie magic guard
  2. Celestial Moth

    What Pokemon move comes to mind for the letter above?

    Electro Ball F
  3. Celestial Moth

    LF non dada Zarude SWSH

    Looking for a non Dada Zarude. FT shiny Zamezenta Arthur ( self obtained) Keldo GF Victini GF Jirachi GF Mew GF Shiny Tapu Koko Melemele Volcanion Helen Gourgeist Spooky2014
  4. Celestial Moth


    LF spiritomb . Touch trade or regular trade. Ingame glitch has rendered me unable to get one myself.. FT i have practically every Pokémon available for touch trade or regular trade, minus a few because i evolved them.
  5. Celestial Moth

    LF Zarude

    Hey im looking for a non dada zarude and shiny celebi. Preferable a modest Shiny celebi, IV's dont matter. I have a bunch of events and shiny pokes for trade. PM me for more details please.
  6. Celestial Moth

    Caption the Above Picture

    Weird not really into that
  7. Celestial Moth

    predict the next poster

    Nope, The purple wizard
  8. Celestial Moth

    Have You Ever?

    Yes. Yes i have and i do like getting rick rolled the songs sick . Have you ever enjoyed a meal of the ground
  9. Celestial Moth

    Rename the Member Above You

    The Galactic Queen
  10. Celestial Moth

    Good Ol' Rating of the User Title Above You

    4/10 Your supose to be in another realm
  11. Celestial Moth

    Rate the above user's status

    8/10. i dont know either.
  12. Celestial Moth

    The True or False Game!

    True The next person isnt going to celebrate Christmas with their family.