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    fine... nutin new

    fine... nutin new
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    yo im back

    yo im back
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    Poke Drama Island! (Pokemon Castaway V2)

    are u in this game... am i still in this game??? i've been gone soo long last time i was on it was october 12th of 2009
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    Will the World End in 2012? #2

    http://www.satansrapture.com/nostra2012.htm Make a general debate about when the world will end. I personily don't beleve it but thats why i create this thread. The MYAN calender ends in 2012 according to notrdamus that's the world will end. Same as the first.
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    Claim threads suck I do not like them.

    Old Song: This is why im hot - mims, clamed by Brick 777
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    Disney bought Marvel

    oh lord i would not buy it. if they did that they are going to lose alot of money.
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    Review the Last Movie you Watched

    Push 10/10 I loved that movie just the powers intrested me. The movie had alot of acton and it kept me in suspence. People who didn't see it you relly should.
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    Favorite NFL Team and Player.

    The rules are simple. 1. List your favorite NFL Team and your favorite player on that team. For example my is the New York Giants and Brandon Jacobs. 2. If a fight breaks out i will give you 2 warnings the third time i will report you for spamming. (you can argue but no fights, i know the...
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    Claim threads suck I do not like them.

    Do Tha Stanky Leg-Them G Spot Boyz, claimed by Brick 777
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    Review the Last Movie you Watched

    Wo Wo Wo "a really good movie"? Twlight was better that movie! It was so drawn out i fell asleep! I saw every one of the HP movies and there was nothing to hold ur intrest in that movie. There was little acton! I knew from the begining that snape was the half-blood prince. My advice "SAVE UR...
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    Disney bought Marvel

    i just hope when another Marvel game comes out Micky or Kingdom Hearts chariters aren't in it that would "SUCK"
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    Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

    I haven't seen the 2nd one eather but i have seen the first. I agree the soundtracks are good.
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    Evolution Vs Creationism

    i acutly beleve in evolution cause there is proof that humans that had the brain the size of a penut lived. Who was here first humans or monkes? my answer monkes of coruse cause before humans there were monkeys that walked on 2 feet so half monkey half human but they were only as tall as 5.5...
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    Will The World End in 2012?

    wait we do cause if ppl go to Heven u can have a life if u go to Hell well i fell bad 4 u.
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    Members vs. Staff Members

    3 Burned Y?
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    The Return of Pokemon Survivor!

    Current Tally: Tentacruel 4 (my vote) Milotic 1
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    Members vs. Staff Members

    6? we got reset? let me guss Delser?
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    Pokémon Mafia : Revenge of The Legend - Act of the Keeper

    i vote Dittoman97...
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    Pokémon Mafia : Revenge of The Legend - Act of the Keeper

    BS that's not true! Ghosts can help the living! My great grandmother helps me she died at 98! So ur idea just went out the window!
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    Poke Drama Island! (Pokemon Castaway V2)

    Man thats harsh...