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  1. ~AussieWonder~

    Pokemon BDSP - Recent Happenings Thread

    My gosh, I just hatched a shiny (modest) Piplup. Haha the funny thing is, I didn't even notice (initially), and then upon looking at its sprite, I was like "hmmm there's something a bit different about this one" upon which it clicked. Excited would be an absolute UNDERSTATEMENT - it's my first...
  2. ~AussieWonder~

    This Gen's new gimmick.

    Dynamax looks utterly ridiculous - there's nothing novel or groundbreaking about physically increasing a Pokémon's dimensions during battle. I wish we had more consistency throughout the generations - I personally thought they struck gold with Mega Evolutions, it's a shame they didn't invest...
  3. ~AussieWonder~

    Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

    Greetings! I just started X and I'm in dire need of a Pokemon with Pokerus that I can pass on to my party. I have a female Fennekin which I'm happy to breed for you once I make it to the day care. Otherwise, I don't have much to offer unfortunately. Anyone able to help me out?
  4. ~AussieWonder~

    #132 Ditto

    I need a ditto please! Just one ditto. Surely there is somebody kind enough to help me out! I don't have much to offer as I'm still playing in-game, but I can breed Tirtouga. PM me if you can help :)
  5. ~AussieWonder~

    Windows XP vs Vista vs 7

    None of them....get a Mac....doesn't get virus's!
  6. ~AussieWonder~

    Rate my possible White team

    Here is what I'm currently planning for White, although this is subject to change. I don't bother with EV's in-game. Please feel free to make comments/suggestions. Daikenki (Modest) @ wise glasses Torrent - Surf - Ice Beam - Grass Knot - Air Slash Roopushin (Adamant) @ Wide Lens Brute...
  7. ~AussieWonder~

    Public schools, private schools, or home schooled?

    I attended a private school and absolutely loved it. Worth every penny.
  8. ~AussieWonder~

    What was the reaction when you encountered your first shiny?

    My first shiny encounter was at the start of this year in Platinum, found a random shiny Geodude, couldn't really believe it. Especially since it was a 100% random encounter.
  9. ~AussieWonder~

    Do you own a Mobile Phone?

    I just got a iPhone 4. I upgraded from the 3G. Best phone I've ever had!
  10. ~AussieWonder~

    Im on the chat, but I cant PM you

    Im on the chat, but I cant PM you
  11. ~AussieWonder~

    Hey buddy, online? Can we have a gym battle? My FC is 1377 2946 8087

    Hey buddy, online? Can we have a gym battle? My FC is 1377 2946 8087
  12. ~AussieWonder~

    Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Info Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    OMG, I wish I didn’t have uni today….I so wont be able to concentrate, I’ve even started selecting my teams for both games :D
  13. ~AussieWonder~

    Review the Last Movie you Watched

    My thoughts exactly. MUST SEE movie for any member of Gen Y.
  14. ~AussieWonder~

    The "what did you eat for breakfast?" Thread

    Oatmeal with chopped banana and cinnamon. With a glass of soymilk.
  15. ~AussieWonder~

    How should Dawn return in Best Wishes?

    Personally, I would rather we didn't see Dawn for a while. Enough said.
  16. ~AussieWonder~

    Have You Ever Met Any Celebrities?

    Okay here's my list: - Serena Williams (met her at the Australian Open, got an autograph) - Delta Goodrum & Brian Mcfadden (I work for a department store, she even used my name!) - Hamish & Andy (Australian radio personalities) - Kyle Sandilands (another Aussie radio personality) - Amber...
  17. ~AussieWonder~

    Battle Frontier Challengers Sign Up Thread (Closed)

    AussieWonder | 3782 - 3770 - 3724
  18. ~AussieWonder~

    How do you think the DP trio will be remembered?

    I really enjoyed Ash's Sinnoh team. I would hands down say it was my favourite regional team by far. Sure the main focus was on Infernape (to an extent), and poor Torterra didn't register a win against Ash's main rival, but all in all this was his best team ever. I enjoyed how we got so many...
  19. ~AussieWonder~

    Ash's ultimate team

    Okay here goes: - Pikachu - Sceptile - Charizard or Infernape - Snorlax - Heracross - Staraptor or Swellow
  20. ~AussieWonder~

    Gible's Future with Ash?

    I would love nothing more than for Gible to continue on to Isshu with Ash to further develop his skills, but I'm still doubting it. I hope I'm wrong.