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    The Most Annoying Thing In PBR

    Foggy weather and trying to get 100 wins in a row on that Collisseum.Mom turned it off at 94 on the first time, accidently.
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    Team Rocket Discussion

    I think the plot will be the same but I'm expecting Giovanni around legendaries.
  3. A

    Team Plans in General

    Any team involving Scizor.:D
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    What Is Your Stance On Homosexuality?

    I might be considered bisexual by some people, and heterosexual by others.I'm ok with both titles, however homosexuality is...weird...
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    Opinions regarding vegetarianism

    It's stupid.If you're not the butcher himself there is no point of seeing it as a murder.It's not murder, it's surrender of species.We humans eat both flora and fauna.Deal with it.Not eating meat is not natural and rejecting who you are.That's what I think. ALTHOUGH, if not cooked propery...
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    Where in the Pokemon world would you live?

    I'd want to live in Hoenn's Verdanturf Town since it's peaceful there.However when I'm older I'd probably venture off and live in a secret base made in Florama Weadows(or something).
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    Scizor, ATK Deoxys or Gliscor.
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    ~*PokéWalker*~ Are you going to use it? If so, what for?

    I'm going to be honest here since everyone's opinion is asked, so please don't mind me mentioning.You CAN however discuss me about why I do it. Since I'm going to pirate the game it's going to be hard for me to get a Poke-Walker but if I do and its size is not too big, I'm going to carry it...
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    Will they bring back Ash's old pokemon?

    Isn't the anime all about introducing new pokemon?And pikachu?:DSeriously, catch a legendary, Ash, or at least evolve your f*****g pokemon.
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    New WiiWare Game? "Pokemon Rumpa Carnival"

    Pokeman Party Fiesta, ola! Another game I won't be able to play, damn Shop Channel!!!
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    What do you want on Serebii.net?

    Tournaments.The prize should be Wii points.I needz'em.
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    Which Victory Road is the most frustrating?

    first one was the best
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    ~The Pokémon Awards V4.0~

    lucario, kthxbye
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    Happy Birthday Serebii Joe!

    happy b.day joe
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    Does Pokemon Embarrass You?

    No.I'm 18 years old and %99,99 of my friends(ages 16-30) are ok with it.Some of them even play themselves, some of them even WATCH the anime.The %0,99 who opposed got served.
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    Scariest movie you've watched?

    Turkish Exorcism and Chucky's Bride
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    Birth Date Pokemon?

    damn you for inventing this, i wanted to be scizor but im vulpix :P
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    Project Valhalla?

    finally we'll be able to right click? :D
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    Do you think that people should use an "Action Replay"

    people can use whatever the fly they want, its a free world...well, it should be.
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    pikachu colored pichu..

    cuz nintendo japan is full of weird people? :P