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    Weird Little Things You Do

    If I do something with one hand, I have to do something similar/the same thing with the other. For example, when I scroll down, I have to press the down arrow an equal amount of times with each hand's index finger. Sometimes it takes me like a minute to write a simple sentence just cause I keep...
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    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    Trying to get more muscular and lean/ripped, but today I had 3 slices of pizza. >_> I was doing so well the past month. but I plan to not eat the rest of the day to make up for it.
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    How angry have you got with Pokémon before?

    Recently. Restarted HGSS, I just killed Lugia and my entire team is 30-35 besides my level 45 Typhlosion which only has weak normal moves and 2 powerful fire moves. I am so screwed. -_- Lv. 27 Togetic Lv. 30 Umbreon Lv. 32 Miltank Lv. 34 Scizor Lv. 35 Heracross Lv. 45 Typhlosion E4 is going to...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    And now we know! and knowledge is half the power!
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    The Great Big Abortion Debate (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    Not really. Stop having abortion clinics in every town, have like one per state, or less, make people have to work hard to get their abortions. That way if it's a serious reason to get one, they will, if they just wanna do it cause they're stupid enough to get pregnant, they will have to go...
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    The Great Big Abortion Debate (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    Even then it's not ok. Cause you may think you're right 99% of the time, but you're likely still wrong. It's like saying every black/hispanic person is a criminal, just cause you live in Los Angeles or Harlem, doesn't mean it's true, but you see it on the streets every day, so you have to assume...
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    The Great Big Abortion Debate (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    That still doesn't make it ok to stereotype an entire group for it.
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    The Great Big Abortion Debate (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    That's hilarious. Do you do the same thing with race? Or hell, the same can be said for Atheists. Know who Mister Zero is? Mr. "Eradicate Religious People", anyone can look at those hardcore Atheists that want to kill and destroy, or Atheists that make the community look bad, and blame the whole...
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    The Great Big Abortion Debate (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    @Zevn Whoa whoa whoa, before you further make yourself look like an idiot, my religion has nothing to do with my decisions, I have friends that are Gay/Bi and I don't follow my religion word per word, but of course, imbeciles tend to make quick assumptions, not surprised. Having sex doesn't...
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    The Great Big Abortion Debate (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    Why are people dumb enough to make an Abortion debate into a war debate? *facepalm* Anyway, I'm the circumstantial one, if a 14 year old gets raped by some old man and gets pregnant, she should be allowed an abortion within 2-3 months. If some tramp (excuse my language) decides to open her legs...
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    What is your opinion for rng? is it hack or not?

    ^ The great one hath now spoken!!
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Flareon with no Flare Blitz? What? Alakazam can't learn Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/Ice Beam? No way!
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    and thanks, glad to see some more friendly faces around here. :)

    and thanks, glad to see some more friendly faces around here. :)
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    Yeah will do, just posted.

    Yeah will do, just posted.
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    War and Religion: A Reason for Bigotry? (READ FIRST POST)

    See, my problem was never that he was an Atheist, like I said several times, I have had friends that are Atheist, as well as Gay, Lesbian, Muslim, Jewish, and all the likes. Fact is, there's no reason to live your life in hate, he takes it over the edge by straight out bashing religious people...
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    Favourite Serebii forum Skin?

    I love the default one. Just gotten used to it.
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    The Atheism Club

    Lol, so if I were to bash you without using your name, you'd be completely fine with it? Perfect. I'll call you Scroogie from now on. And by that I meant I didn't want to get INTO the argument. I dunno about you, but my definition of argument is one where both sides are being uncivil, until I...
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    Newb here. Don't be mean~

    ^ Lol Gel. and yeah welcome
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    Type Combos that you would like to see in the future?

    Steel/Ground, Fire/Water
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    The Atheism Club

    I really hope you're not talking about me. Cause for starters, I'm not a "religious person", I do believe in God, but I don't follow any religion closely. Way to throw our last few messages out the window, you tell me not to talk about you behind your back but then you do the same to me. Oh and...