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    Is this team alright

    Whether he's asking one way or the other, it doesn't really matter because we can't give as much advice as we want to now, since he doesn't have movesets, EVS, items, or describes the role of each pokemon on the team.
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    To be forgotten is worse than death. [OU RMT]

    Blissey learns Seismic in the 3rd generation (FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald) via move tutor.
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    Bathroom? Stall [Uber RMT]

    1) At least he took the time to make his thread presentable, unlike yours which is just jumbled up together. 2) That's the basic Scarf Dialga set. Works well in dual weather with both Fire Blast and Thunder (nothing noobish about that). 3) Anyone can battle in designated tiers, whether it is...
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    Its my first time... be gentle...|OU/UU RMT|

    No, no and a million times NO! There's a reason why Bullet Punch has made Scizor so popular (technician, priority, STAB).
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    The team is doing pretty well. I won a small tournament with it. I stopped playing after a...

    The team is doing pretty well. I won a small tournament with it. I stopped playing after a while, though.
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    Lol. That never gets old.

    Lol. That never gets old.
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    My team so far

    Why bother posting this at all?
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    Revised team

    FYI, Gengar can't learn Ice Beam. Just stick with HP:Ice.
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    SolarTeam [A Sunny Day UU/NU RMT]

    @Kiltank: Uuuuuuhhh......nah. I advise the OP to keep Chlorophyll. Jumpluff will be able to outspeed all other leads plus get the chance to U-turn first for scout. And why change the nature, anyway? Again, it needs as much speed as possible, since this will be saved for later to replenish the...
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    Team Needs A LOT of help

    TU=TeamUber (a server on Shoddy Battle)
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    plz rate my team

    It's called criticism, dude, whether it's direct or not. Smogon is a good place to get sets, but this OP doesn't even describe why he even picked these pokemon or what role they serve. He basically just threw them all together into a team and called it a day. This team wouldn't last in the Ubers...
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    Please rate my theoretical team.

    Just a quick nitpick at Rhys, that the Kabutops EVs add up to 512, not 510.
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    Zomg summer's done T_T [*Ubers RMT*]

    Drizzle produces infinite rain, MajinSageofDarkness, no need for Damp Rock or fire moves, since Fire moves are weakened in the rain. and Yes Ice Beam works well with Kyogre, taking out the Dragons, and Shaymin-S. And so will Thunder on Palkia, which will take out opposing Kyogre.
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    Rate my OU Team.

    That or he could try Fire Blast for more power, since there are no EVs in special attack. Fire Blast does target Skarmory and other steels' lower special defense.
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    Zomg summer's done T_T [*Ubers RMT*]

    "Thanks to access to the most powerful priority move, rayquaza can't be revenge killed by the likes of garchomp or dialga" from Atomic. Just a little nitpick, technically Scarf Dialga could still revenge kill seeing as it can resist ExtremeSpeed. But again, just a nitpick. And you shouldn't...
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    Hard as Steel (Physical Standard RMT)

    Illithian has given some reasonable points regarding your team. You don't have anything to resist an Earthquake/Earth Power coming from anything, so half your team is already weak to that. So a Latias or the ScarfGengar can alleviate that problem. Azelf will likely explode, but it will certainly...
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    Rain, Rain, Go Away

    Just out of curiosity, what will you do if you ever encounter Heatran leads?
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    Milotic's sweet revenge (OU RMT)

    This is just to save the trouble for AquaMilotic, once he comes again. He said that he's not replacing Milotic. You would have known that if you had thoroughly read through his thread, mainly "the things to keep in mind" section.
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    Sup KMR. Could you rate my team? It's on the 2nd page.

    Sup KMR. Could you rate my team? It's on the 2nd page.
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    Wifi team with actual IVs, **** Shoddy.

    I can only snicker at this statement, seeing as I saw your thread.