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    How old

    18th December 2004 - Joined at 12 27th November 2009 - Turned 17 About 5 years I've been here.
  2. H

    Axis Powers Hetalia

    This show helped me pass my AP Euro exam. I swear it did. I'm a huge fan of the series. England is my absolutely love. He's my favorite character. Next would be America. I also like Austria too. AND PRUSSIA. I've seen all the episodes up until the most recent World Series one. (Which I'm dying...
  3. H

    Favorite fast food restaurant?

    Chick Fil A. Most def.
  4. H

    What do you think of smoking?

    TBH I hate the smell of smoke and how it gets all over you. If people smoke, let them. It doesn't really bother me like it used to when I was younger.
  5. H

    How old are you?

    I just turned 17 in November.
  6. H

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I can't really say I enjoy this game, although it is quite cute.
  7. H

    Mac v.s PC

    I love Macs more than PCs, but I'm stuck using a PC. :/
  8. H

    Scribblenauts (DS)

    It was amusing for me when my friend let me borrow it, but after like.. 5 of the levels, it got kinda old. Still fun to mess around on.
  9. H

    First game you ever played on a Nintendo console

    Super Mario World for SNES.
  10. H

    Halloween Thread

    I love Halloween. Free candy is amazing. This year, I'm going as Miku from VOCALOID. She's not my favorite VOCALOID, but her outfit is so cute. My high school doesn't have Halloween dances. My old one didn't either. We didn't have any dances. Wow.
  11. H


    I spent more time raising Chaos than anything in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. My brother and I were so competitive with our Chaos. I loved the pink Hero Chao I had. It was so cute with its little toys and instruments.
  12. H

    ~*~Legend of Zelda Club~*~

    I love the box art. I think its so cute. I saw it at the mall the other day. I hope they will release an DSi with a Zelda theme like they did with Phantom Hourglass and the DS.
  13. H

    MY EARS!! Get me some tissue!

    Typos are cool ok. :/ I vaguely remember Freeza, but I do recall thinking the voice was hilarious.
  14. H

    Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

    Marukaite Chikyuu ☆ England ver.
  15. H

    MY EARS!! Get me some tissue!

    QTF. Especially when she sings Misa no Uta/Misa's Song. At least it sounded ok in the English dub.
  16. H

    Most Anticipated Games

    Metal Gear Solid: Rising Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Spirit Tracks New Zelda Wii game Thats really it.
  17. H

    Do you pre-order games?

    I've pre-ordered a few games, bu typically I don't. Unless I get something free with the pre-order. XP
  18. H

    What colour are your eyes?

    Brown. Yey.
  19. H

    What was your favorite Mario Kart game?

    Mario Kart 64 has always had a special place in my heart. It gets my vote. :>
  20. H

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Metal Gear 2. I can see why Konami waited a few years to release another Metal Gear game. :/