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    Name Change Thread - READ THE ENTIRE FIRST POST

    Current Username: ~NaThziVOIR~ New Username: MapleRoses
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    Diminishing // AU

    Well, I kind of made that purposely. Kind of. I know it's weird to have someone put into an asylum right after they're showing signs, but it's like for the sake of this story. Their friends aren't good friends, and they're the ones to admit her into the asylum. Her family are easily persuaded...
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    Diminishing // AU

    Type: One-shot Rating: R (language & brief mention of death, mental illness & suicide) Shipping material: Contestshipping Summary: She's a free bird now, escaped from her cage, and about to fly high into the sky, to meet someone she loves dearly. Just another step, and she'll be together with...
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    Short 'n Sweet: The Drabble Thread

    Title: Everyday is Valentine's Day Author: ~NathziVOIR~ Fandom: Pokemon Pairing/s: Contestshipping Rating: PG-13 "..." "Well? Aren't you going to answer that, Drew?" May asks again, raising an eyebrow to the green-haired man beside her. He seems to be in a thought and doesn't notice...
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    50 Reasons Why I Hate May

    Wow. It sure has been a long time since I've read this. And can I say I love this so much? XD I still have this thought "I remember reading 50 things I hate from May of some kind of fic like that, but where was it, and what was the title?" And then I went to the shipping fics catalog to find...
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    Everything in Transit (PG-14)

    Whoa... Nice, another contestshippy fic. Well, this is a fabulous story, with a hidden plot.. Uh yeah, who doesn't like secretive plots? haha :D As for the mistakes, I'm not too sensitive of grammar mistakes but I spotted some spelling mistakes. Let's see... I'll. Did you mean 'weird'? And I...
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    Summer Days (Contestshipping)

    Um.. I think this sentence needs to be separated, IMO. It has too much commas and sub-sentences in it. "By the time May brushes her teeth, washes her face, and makes her way downstairs, everyone is sitting at the kitchen table. A maid in uniform is serving them breakfast." or..something like...
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    Summer Days (Contestshipping)

    Wow. I sure haven't been posting for quite a while.. Anywaysss..... I didn't spot any spelling mistake here. And the storyline is great, it keeps readers(at least me) curious about what will happen, and who is this, who is that, where is this, what is that.. I can't rate the description because...
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    I'm currently on hiatus, so I won't be on SPPF everyday. Come find me in my blog or facebook...

    I'm currently on hiatus, so I won't be on SPPF everyday. Come find me in my blog or facebook. Thanks.
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    Anybody for Contestshipping?

    @yuesunx It's great to have another CSer here :3 The more, the merrier :) lol It's beautiful :) It's realli cuteee xDD I've seen the chibi of May & Drew on Flygon, but the fanart was really amazing :3 LOL I agree. x) How I wished they would really stand below a mistletoe and after...
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    The Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread (Chapter 2)

    B? Urm.... Brendan, maybe? :D Just a random thought. And the one he wishes to save is probably May, aside of his family. I couldn't imagine this happening, though o.O Drew would be so much p***ed off x( I just could think this happens in the game :) Truth for Kanata: Mention a same sex...
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    A Coincidental Rose, PG

    A Coincidental Rose Shipping: Contestshipping Rating: PG13 =+=+=+= One-Shot. I know I should be updating Hearts to Count, but a random idea popped in my mind when I was... taking a shower. It kinda looked like drizzle, so I made this story. =+=+=+= Dark clouds surrounded the sky...
  13. M

    For The One I Love [CS/PG-13/AU]

    Whoa, nice :D A bit cliffy-ish. (but it's great nonetheless) No typos found by me, and great use of words. Just a little mistake(or is it just my lack of knowledge of grammar?) Camera's means camera is, or camera has. So IMO, it should be Cameras (Plural of camera) But if the sentence...
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    The Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread (Chapter 2)

    sorry for the late dare x( anyway this is my dare. http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/8377/ranshinichi6jngn3.png Nice? xD @pokefan#493 Tell me two (or more) reasons why you like a particular ship. Oh, and yes, mention that ship :) I'd like to know. taking a truth
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    Anybody for Contestshipping?

    Haven't posted here for decades o.O If May and Drew had to choose another career aside from coordinating, what do you think it would be? May: I personally think she's caring and Breeder will suit her personality. Besides, she's mellow-ish type. It's suitable. (Don't think of Brock. He's...
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    Favorite Item

    whoops Sorry for the late reply :( YES! xD i love it too :) Oh yes, those yummy candies!! Really like them :D Wow, illegal move xP nah, just kidding. :D Me too :D My fav item is LUCKY EGG :DD it gets real easy when I wanna level up my pokemon, I owe it to the cutie egg :)
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    In the Arms of an Angel (A contestshipping fic)

    xDD I thought what was making their faces bigger! :D WHAT? Seagull droppings? xDD haha GHOST~~ >_< The bolded comma should be deleted (maybe). Cuz IMO, it's better if it's just he is now, very close to breaking the door. But it's my opinion. You know my English isn't that good and you may/may...
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    The Special One [CS]

    Yes, thanks for reviewing, Lexiebee88 and sorry for the late reply. I haven't been online for months o.O Hey, sometimes oneshots keep things clean and simple! :D Cuz it doesn't need to bee very long and all "plotty"(?sp?). ;p thanks anyway
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    Hearts To Count, Contestshipping, PG13(maybe)

    CHAPTER 12 – DENIAL Meanwhile at May's room, both teen were still stumped by shock. There's no telling to who was more surprised at the moment, because both May and Brendan were equally pale in expression. Everything had gone from bad to worse. "Did Drew witness the whole thing? Damn...
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    The Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread (Chapter 2)

    ^my dare: *Sorry, I couldn't find any better pic. (I haven't seen them in anime or game yet... x.x ) Tell me if you want me to search for it again. ^pikachu_lurve: I dare you to put "I hate *insert OTP here* to my ribs" for two days ^rave the rich: TERRIBLY SORRY! I forgot to say when...