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  1. Z

    um you mean dream world?

    um you mean dream world?
  2. Z

    How do you feel about having two girls on the cast for the first time in 16 years?

    Honestly, i don't really care much because i actually want to see what the hook will be for me to keep watching. Mega evolutions? nah, that's not enough unless a rival just pops out from years and he/she is using one. Possible plot twist? yeah, that could be interesting. Him claiming to win...
  3. Z

    Should the writers give Ash different types of pokemon? *possible spoilers*

    Ok, everyone knows that a new region is coming up and while we know he will get the usual starter of said region, should the writers have Ash obtain pokemon of different types? You know instead of the same common set they give him every time? So shouldn't he aim to capture a bit more stronger...
  4. Z

    Hey, thanks a lot. Do you remember me? nice to meet you.

    Hey, thanks a lot. Do you remember me? nice to meet you.
  5. Z

    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    so since this is on the 3ds they can obviously improve the battle animations and actually showcase pokemon moving and attacking you right? I saw the trailer but the graphics weren't as impressive as i was hoping, but i know it will probably look better once new stuff comes out.
  6. Z

    Pokemon X and Y's Effect on the Anime

    Yet i wouldn't see why they wouldn't be reluctant to go back and have the main female character do that, who knows. It's just that maybe they decided working on Ash and his development was more important and they could just advertise whatever new thing they will implement by just referencing...
  7. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    I didn't report him though. That's the difference and i'm not being disrespectful, i'm just debating and giving my thoughts like everyone else. Well couldn't you also say that all arguments are started for no real purpose, just to debate? or they could have actually said something that was...
  8. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    Change is inevitable, but that doesn't mean it will be good or we can't point out flaws. Aside from that good comments, i have nothing else to add.
  9. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    First off, you accuse me of bashing you and i told you i wasn't. I was criticizing you and you then you report me? it's clear you can't seem to handle someone who doesn't agree with what you are saying and cover it up with "bashing". I didn't bash or insult or ridicule you. I just felt that...
  10. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    I know that, and yet i just don't really care if he gets a male competent rival or female competent rival since i only care if they are strong and motivate Ash to become better since that's what he needs right now, and that's where you and i differ. Ok if it's about variability as you put it...
  11. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    And once that satisfaction is gone, what is left? it really just adds nothing since it has been accomplished whether people want to admit it or not. I bet even if they showcased a girl winning everyone would still be complaining that that isn't enough. Oh and i don't think my opinion is...
  12. Z

    The fate of the Team Rocket Trio!

    You never know, they might get replaced by the new evil team in the next region. We don't know, but i agree team rocket has over stayed their welcome. If they let them continue then so be it, if not then it was nice knowing them. I just hope Ash finally wins in the 6th generation and retires...
  13. Z

    Have Brock's chances of a cameo in BW dwindled?

    This is news to me, since when did Brock have a chance to be showcased? I though we left that back in diamond and pearl with that episode they gave him.
  14. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    I did and i come back to you and say does it matter? it's already been accomplished and their are probably more trainers that we just haven't heard from off screen who may have done it. Will a picture showcasing a girl with a trophy satisfy you? I see nothing of relevance to this. Did i say...
  15. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    Did i say you did? i know you didn't.
  16. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    Ok, but having something different doesn't mean it's better. Again even if all of a sudden we had a surge of female champions, so what? doesn't necessarily mean a series or show is good or different. Showcasing something different would be Ash capturing a legendary and that would add to the show.
  17. Z

    The fate of the Team Rocket Trio!

    The more friends the better right? lol. Yeah with the way things have gone i feel like they are finally prepared to let them retire. If not then i don't really know what to expect from them since we have yet to see the N arc conclusion. Well it hasn't started, but you get what i mean.
  18. Z

    The fate of the Team Rocket Trio!

    People assumed Brock wouldn't leave, but now things have changed. Team rocket after the N arc i feel will disband and they will probably provide some closure. Nothing wrong with that, and i don't think it would be such a big deal if they are gone. Would some of you stop watching because of...
  19. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    Your argument is that you want a competent female trainer, and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying it shouldn't matter what type of rival he has, but you have yet to make add anything aside from: "i don't like how (insert character) is treated therefore at some point he should...
  20. Z

    How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

    Learn the difference between being criticized and bashing. If you assume i am bashing you because i don't agree with what you said then you clearly aren't fit to debate anyone since you throw around baseless assumptions. I'm just stating flaws in your argument.