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    ~Blackacer's Creation Of Art~

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    Blackacer's Anime Banners

    Blackacer's Anime Banners Hello guys! I'm here to share my arts as well as getting comments or advice. Feel free to use them if you want , please give credits if its okay =3 If you want me to do banners I only do anime character/related.
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    War: Sky Reaperz Vs. The Survivalist Clan

    VS ~RULES~ ~ ALL SPPF Rules Apply ~ ALL SPPF Clan War Rules Apply ~ This war will be 3 Vs. 3 OU. First clan to 2 wins, wins the war ~ ALL Battles Will Be OU, Smogon Rules, (This means no garchomp, Drizzle+Swift Swim... Ect...) ~ NO SPAMMING, FLAMING, OR TROLLING. VIOLATORS FROM EITHER CLAN...
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    Blackacer & Co's Workshop Of Art

    Blackacer & Co's Workshop Of Art Shop : CLOSED! Recruiting Gifted Artist , PM Me Your Example. Current Workers! - Blackacer - Victory RULES! No Trolling Do Not Post When The Slot Is Full.. All SPPf Rules Only Up To 2 Images Per Banner/Art When The Slot Is Full = NO MORE REQUEST When...
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    My time using PS...

    Ok i know i sucks i need some comments on how to improve these are the banner i made
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    War: Sky Reaper VS Burning Earth

    VS THE RULES! All SPPf Rules Apply No Flaming / Sportmanships If You Lost Than Just Accept It Battles Are 6 V 6 OU First 3 Win , Wins The Overall Subs Will Not Be Replaced Unless Its The Last 3 Day Of The Dateline Due Date : 5th July...
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    Blackacer's Underground Trade Shop

    Welcome To My Trade Shop NOTE : ONLY! Trading ANY pokemon listed below for Pokemon TCG Online Booster Pack Codes OR Deck OR Pokemon. I'll Trade Almost Anything! Drop me a PM now! Please also PM me the information and the type of code type and what is the code for, also please state the deck...