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    Which is worse? Killing games or sexual reference games.

    Well sexual content shouldnt be viewed by younger children i would think. But blowing someones head off shouldnt be ether but sometimes shooting people doesnt show kids images that shouldnt be seen. Like some of the graphics of shooting people really arent as bad as sexual content..
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    Im on for the day..

    Im on for the day..
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    Time OR Darkness???

    I would say thats about it..,just a few diffrent pokemon makes the games diffrent.
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    What anime series are you currently watching?

    I'M currently watching Bleach,Death Note and Naruto Shippuden
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    It's a God damn feel-good convention itt!

    http://i35.*******.com/4uc94g.jpg Theres me,,
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    Ok,I will be on a lot after school tomorrow. So we could do it then.. Also remember Bogmire...

    Ok,I will be on a lot after school tomorrow. So we could do it then.. Also remember Bogmire from acc? He helped me make this team and so far its doing well. And no problem its and honor to join.
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    A 12 Year Old: Too Old For Pokemon?

    Well my friends at school do know of me playing pokemon. Although ive seen other people getting picked of and it makes me so mad. I mean its a video game..? Just because its named Pokemon doesnt mean its for 5 year olds. I dought one could even beat the games. But people are just going to keep...
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    Does Team Neolegand have a new site or something or is it over?

    Does Team Neolegand have a new site or something or is it over?
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    Changes to 4th Gen Competitive Battling NO GARCHOMP DISCUSSION!

    This rite here pretty much sums up what I wanted to say.
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    Why Shuckle?

    Its shell could be made of some uknown material that is super stronge.
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    Whats your question?

    Whats your question?
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    what the goodness is that?

    Some things are just ment to be there ;).
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    What pokemon trainers eat. The truth has been revealed!

    I feel sorry for the poor Bidoof...
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    Pokemon Gods?

    I think most of what you said is rite but I guess we could never no...or could we?? >>
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    Cheating Devices VS Hard Work

    What I do is beat the game without cheating and then after nothing is left to do then I will use one. ;manyula;
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    Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

    I will make my own team. Team Haze: The teams pokemon are based on ghost and dark type pokemon.
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    Team Legendary

    Srry for bein inactive. Ive been busy lately.
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    Crazy Coinceidence

    Yeah its not that big of deal realy.
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    Team Legendary

    Can I use shoddy in the tourny?
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    What Pokemon moves can you do?

    I can do water gun,bounce and more but my fav is harden lol