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    Best Crackers Ever

    http://www.azcentral.com/offbeat/articles/2008/12/27/20081227crackermoney-ON.html I would've just spent the money but that's just me. I think I'm gonna start shopping at Whole Foods a lot more now.
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    The Worlds Most Awkward Greetings Game

    Okay in this game your supposed to shake hands with the above poster and then like the title suggests say something really really awkward to them. for example a proper post would look something like this, *Shakes hands with Serebii* You look so good today, I just wanna cut you up and put...
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    iTunes has encountered a problem...

    I just got an iPod a 4th gen nano, & Whenever I try to sync it to iTunes I get a message saying "iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close" at which point iTunes crashes keeping me from adding new songs. I'm not sure if this matters but I'm running Windows XP & iTunes So can...
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    Good Idea Bad Idea SPPF Edition

    Basically in this game you do what the title suggests and list a good idea for the next poster to turn into a bad idea. Then you've turned it into a bad idea list a good idea for the next poster to use. For example do something like this, Poster #1 Good Idea: Throwing a Penny into a well to...
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    Are The Unown Legendary?

    Do you think the Unown should be considered legendary? Personally, I've always thought they were legendary and only found out that most people don't consider them legendary earlier today. So what do you think?
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    The Acronym Game

    Heres how the game works,Someone picks a word like....Monkey. then the next poster has to come with an acronym for the word like... Men Of Nevada Keep Everyone's Yo yos They don't have to make a lot of sense. After you've made an acronym you then have to pick a word for the next poster...
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    Home for sale includes wife

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25397599/ WoW talk about desperate, by the way the page I linked to has a few other weird articles on it (Brothel on Wheels WTF)
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    Pokemon Hangman V2

    the rules to this game areas follows, I'm thinking of a word it could be a pokemon, a pokemon town or city, a move, a gym leader/E4 member or an anime character. each poster has to guess a letter until either the puzzle is solved or if you run out of lives. You get 5 lives or X's each time you...
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    I love the 00's

    I was wondering if 10 years from now VH1 did an I love the 00's (or whatever were calling this decade) what trends do you think they would talk about? I think theyll probably Talk about You Tube, Guitar Hero, Family Guy, MySpace and the Halo series. What do you guys think?
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    http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=aQf7z-nXr88 Basicaly this cop screamed at and then beat up a 14 year old kid who had just appollogized to him for skating in the wrong area,All because the kid said "dude"
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    Invisible image

    How come I can't get the image to show up in my sig I've tried a banner image and image 200 tags and still nothing.
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    The TC on my sig is a little blurry is there anyway for me to make it clearer?
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    Team Rocket's Weavile

    Sorry if this has already been discussed but,In one of the openings (i forget if it was a battle frontier or hoen opening) a weavile would run past team rocket and after a while that part of the opening was cut out and replaced,this left me wondering if team rocket was originaly going to get a...
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    can I get pokemon special in the USA?

    I've haven't actually read the manga just the summaries, anyway I know that i can get the red blue green saga and the yellow saga in the USA (although their kind of hard to find) but can find anything past that in the USA? i tried to find the answer on bulbapedia but I only got more confused?
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    If pokemon were real what would you pick...

    If pokemon were real what would you pick as your first pokemon and what pokemon would you try catch after that? Your first pokemon can't be one of the 12 starter pokemon(though the pokemon after that can be a starter) it also cant be fully evolved(ex no tyranitars dragonites) And none of the...
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    Jessie's newest replacements

    Every Region Jessie and James get new pokemon and release their old ones.James is giving his cacnea to gardenia,so it's only a matter of time before Jessie loses her dustox and seviper.This leaves me to wonder what jessie's new pokemon will be. I'm guessing that her battler will be a stunky, and...
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    Ghost Pokemon?

    Are Ghost pokemon created as ghosts or were they at one time living pokemon? Does that mean that my gengar may have been a dragonite? Also how do ghost pokemon make pokemon eggs I mean they're ghosts there intangible which means that they can't do it. come to think of it How can you catch a...
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    License and Registration please

    In the Kanto saga why is Gary always driving that convertable isn't he supposed to be 10 like Ash i'm surprised he doesent get pulled over.
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    ideas for new abilities

    the title says it all what are your ideas for new pokemon abilities and list what pokemon the ability should go with P.S. no fakemon i was thinking of... Desperation: Powers up attacks when moves like bind, wrap, fire spin and whirlpool are used Pokemon to have it : primeape the...
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    How do I change my sig permissions

    how do I change my sig permissions,so that i can can put in pics when i do that now all that attatches to my sig is that HTTP crap.