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  1. Jasmine

    The Lady's Corner

    Girls, Ladies, Women rejoice! I have created a club for us ladies only! Guys, you know what that means. No boys allowed!! We have set up a buffet table, television, magazines, and blowup furnitures! For us all to come together to party and talk! Rules: 1. You have to be a woman...
  2. Jasmine

    Serebiiforums comic pool party

    *Throws out the invitations* Everyone is welcome to draw or make comics of their own person to interact with other people at the pool. I figured because it's summer and we seem to have more time on our hands. We could do a little roleplay but with our art skills!! We all will create a...
  3. Jasmine

    What would you say if you woke up in bed next to the poster above you?

    Simple game. What would you say if you woke up and in your bed, laying next to you, was the person that posted above you? Have fun with this one guys... XD
  4. Jasmine


    If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you're a freaking liar! Everyone loves Calvin and Hobbes. EVERYONE! When playing Calvinball, you make the rules as you go along. That way you can't play the same game twice! The only real requirement to playing MY game of Calvinball is to make...
  5. Jasmine

    Pokemon Survivor! Sevii Islands

    Based off the tv show, Survivor! But this is pokemon based. We will create two teams with seven people each. we will have different kinds of competitions. Answering questions about pokemon tv shows or games or doing specific things in other threads. Whatever I ask, which team answers or does...
  6. Jasmine

    Family Fued!

    Hey! Welcome to this good family fun game! Family Fued! A family of five people on each team come together and try to give many answers for one topic as possible before the other family wins! We start off with the first member of each family to try to answer the top answer out of 5 possible...
  7. Jasmine

    *~PokePet Adoptation Shop~*

    *~ . A . special . friend . for . you . *~ This PokePet Shop is currently: CLOSED No more requests please. Lonely? Ever wanted a pokemon as a pet? Now you can finally get one! Here, you request a sprite pokemon to live in your signature. Post around and show off your PokePet to other members...