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    LoZ: Minish Cap glitch

    While playing my game right now, I was fighting the boss of the Fortress of Winds. After I destroyed his first pillar, I returned to normal size and shot his left hand, and tried to go after his right hand. The left hand sprung back to life, and both hands grabbed me at the same time, slammed...
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    N64 Games

    Does anyone know any good places to get N64 games without going online? I just got the cheap system, but I can't find any games for it. Preferably Canadian stores.
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    Pokemon Myserious Dungeon Scramble Challenge!

    Well, since this is in most of the other games, I thought I'd make one myself. So the standerd scramble rules is that people choose pokemon for you to use for your game. Legendaries and pokemon with limited moves(wurmple, metapod, magicarp...) are not to be suggested. You can choose to either go...
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    Another one...

    As you can obviously see, I have joined the community of Sppf. This isn't my first time on a forum, and I know the guidelines. I hope that I am a welcomed part of this comunity.