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    My Team.

    Please rate my competitve team. I accept constructive critism and find flat out flames highly amusing. And Don't bug me about the Ubers. I'm not going to replace them. No other pokemon are cool enough. --------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    The Official Shiny Discussion Of D/P

    Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I'm at my wit's end! I have a Shiney Shuckle that I'm trying to get into my Diamond. I've migrated it to Pal Park, but I can never find it! Are the Shineys Harder to find in Pal Park, Or am I looking in the wrong Places? I'm looking in the grassy area near...
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    Where do I go after talking to the Team Galactic member at the east exit of Pastoria?

    Follow Him To Valor Lake Front. Talk to him Every Time You See Him.
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    /~/The Fire Emblem Club/~/

    I'm probably most like Naesala.
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    Legend of Zelda Club v.2

    Ganondorf appeared to Zant as Zant was throwing a temper tantrum because he didn't get picked to be king, and Ganon told Zant he would help him be king if he served him and Zant said yes. Also, Zant worships Ganon as a God. So basically Ganon acted through Zant.
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    Legend of Zelda Club v.2

    The first Zelda game I ever played was Ocarina of Time. I first saw it when I was seven, at my friend's house. I didn't really play it until I was ten, and I wasn't very good at it, my friend had to help me with the temples, I really liked the ocarina songs, particularly Saria's Song, Zelda's...
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    Legend of Zelda Club v.2

    Favorite temples: Hyrule Castle, Goron Mines, Snow Peak, Arbiter's Grounds,in that order. Hyrule castle for the Boss Fight, Goron Mines for the tresure, Snow Peak for the Tresure, Arbiter's Grounds for Re-dead Knights, Spinner room, General Creepyness. Least Favorite Temples: Arbiter's...
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    You open a door...

    The overwhelming stench of death greets you. You go farther into the room and...Get clonked on the head by a Big Poes Lantern! I open the door...
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    You open a door...

    I dispel thee to the void! I open the door uncaringly...
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    the curse game

    *I give you a disbeliving look.* Nice try. I cursith the nex' poster to givith me money valued at one-hundredith dollars.
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    The "What's your excuse?!" Game

    Because everyones an idiot but me. Why can't you all recognize my natural superiority?
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    You open a door...

    And a Monkey steals your lantern. I open the door while humming Sarias Song.
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    You open a door...

    Right into... TWILIT FOSSIL: STALLORD! I draw my Dragon Heart String Inlaid Ordon Sword and Hylian Shield and open the door...
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    Legend of Zelda Club v.2

    I beat the game! Ganon was hardest on horseback, simply because he WOULDN'T FREAKING DIE! That and Zeldas aim was crap. Here I am thinking "Hit him already!" and she MISSES! And I'm knocked off Epona by the stupid Phantom rider things. And the best part is: I found it not fustrating, but fun...
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    You open a door...

    It's a blank wall and the payed person steals your family's money. I open the door bravely
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    The What would you do if I......Game

    Assuming I didn't deserve it, report abuse of power. What would you do if I took over Hyrule using an ancient and terrible magic?
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    Legend of Zelda Club v.2

    [Coughs] Ahem. I BEAT THE CAVE OF ORDEALS! AND I'M UP TO THE TWLIGHT PALACE! AND I'VE GOT ALL GOLD BUGS! AND FIFTY-SEVEN POE SOULS! SO NOW I CAN THINK I'M ALL THAT! YAAYYYYY ME! Actually I beat Cave of Ordeals twice because I forgot to save the first time. [Raises hand] Here!
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    Caption the avatar above you!

    Lucario: I hate Christmas.
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    Throw A Object At The Next Poster Version 2.0

    *Is hit in head. Again* Wow. I did'nt know those could hit me. *Throws poison-tipped dart at Next Poster.*