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  1. TheCrazyMaster

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime

    I saw a few of these on twitter, so I thought I'd post one here. Basically, what opinions do you have about the anime that not a lot of people share? Maybe it has something to do with a certain gimmick, how certain arcs were handled or maybe it has to do with something you thought was...
  2. TheCrazyMaster

    Jobbing vs Facing tougher Opponents

    A lot of the times strength and feats are brought up for various Pokemon in the anime, a lot of people tend to bring up jobbing and anti feats. For instance I've occasionally seen people say that Ash's Charizard was jobbing when it fought Brandon's Dusclops, or that certain Pokemon like Buizel...
  3. TheCrazyMaster

    Rank the gym leaders/kahunas

    How would you rank the all the gym leaders and kahunas in the anime from weakest to strongest? Anime exclusive gym leaders like Misty's sisters, Forrest and OI gym leaders are also included. And if you don't feel like ranking all of them, which of them do you think make the top 3 and which...
  4. TheCrazyMaster

    How would you rank all of the shows leagues (gens 1-7) in terms of "prestige"?

    From league qualifications to league conferences how would you rank each league (including the Orange League) from best to worst? How would you rank the qualification methods? If there were gym leaders, which ones were the most powerful? How fairly did they treat challengers and pokemon? If...