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    My Team.

    Please rate my competitve team. I accept constructive critism and find flat out flames highly amusing. And Don't bug me about the Ubers. I'm not going to replace them. No other pokemon are cool enough. --------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Okay I just need to know...

    Listen,I searched this and came up with nothing. Does anyone here make fire emblem stuff? I'm sorry if this violates the no "please make me this!" rule,but I really need a fire emblem profile.
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    The Bartimaeus Trilogy Club.

    Hey,this is a club on the Bartimaeus Trilogy,so if your a fan come on and join. So now to the rules:Regular forum rules apply[obviously]But here are my personal rules: 1.Be nice to other members. 2.Add spoilers for endings and such so as not to ruin the book for other members. 3.No...
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    Fire Emblem:Rising Of The Dark.

    Fire Emblem:Rising Of The Dark. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prologue:Bandit Attack. He heard the screams of his friends and...
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    Rate my Colosseum team{game incomplete}.

    AltariaLV56: DragonBreath Sing{stays} Steel Wing Fly Medicham:LV52: Detect Confusion Calm Mind High Jump Kick Skarmory:LV49: Drill Peck Air Cutter Metal Sound Steel Wing Granbull:LV53: Bite Roar Strength Earth Quake Espeon:LV53: Toxic Psychic Return Morning Sun...
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    The Alamo.

    I was just wondering if anyone else here had played History Channel's The Alamo?
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    rate my yu-gi-oh! deck.

    please no make your deck one kind of card please,and not too many ultra/secret/ super rare cards please i don't have that kind of money and i do accept constructve critsism. five and six star monsters: --------------------- vampire lordx1 machine kingx1 giga gagagigox1 luster dragon#2x1...