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    Next Pokemon Thread (Updated!) **YOUR OPINION =/= FACT!**

    Ash Only ones that will evolve will THIS series: Turtwig --> Grotle Chimchar --> Monferno Aipom ---> Ambipom (if there is no trade which I hope there isn't) Staravia --> Staraptor (but it will be underused) 'Wildcard' - Hopefully a Nosepass --> Probopass :) Dawn Piplup -->...
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    DP055 Title

    I believe whatever happens in this episode, will be the end of it. If Dawn keeps buizel and Ash keeps aipom, I think they will never trade
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    May VS Drew! The Final Battle speculation thread

    I wonder wahts going on with the aimpom in this episode. It looks like its possibly battling ash?
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    AG174: Harley and Team Rocket! The formation of the villains alliance! Speculation!

    i like the idea of harley lettin jessie use her pokemon, as he must really may even more now to make here lose. unless this is the final contest so she bringin out all the guns
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    Should May......(spoilers)

    But only just. No pokemon in the world is a stupid as a magikarp (but wobbufet comes close)
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    Should May......(spoilers)

    If may even did catch a feebas, she would only use it near water (for obvious reason) but then it still wouldn't do anything.
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    Should May......(spoilers)

    You are right but it did need to be traded. The weepinbell was in the elekid episode with casey (i think but i think I am wrong)
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    Should May......(spoilers)

    Clampearl also don't follow the same rules so I highly doubt feebas will be the same
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    Frontier - dissappointment

    Its was just my personal opinion.
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    Should May......(spoilers)

    Truth is that feebas may not follow the same rules as in the games. It could turn out that you have to put make up on it (but i highly doubt that).
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    What I Did for Love! (444)

    This episode was pretty good actully. I thought it wouldn't. Bring on the next surprise
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    Next Pokemon Thread (Updated!) **YOUR OPINION =/= FACT!**

    I think ash should get a dark pokemon or steel. Steelix or houndour/houndoom
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    Frontier - dissappointment

    I have to say that this series has been rushed. Episode after episode were important things happen. I know every one hates fillers but at least have a few.
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    Favriote Team Rocket Member?

    Wobbufet all the way! It is sooo annoying but it makes me laugh
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    Do You Want Ash and co. To Age?

    I do want ash an co to age because I want to see what they would look like (brock looking like flint will be funny)
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    Forum Downtime - 49 New Avatars!

    Cool avatars (still don't know what is going on with brock's face though). The sceptile one looks great
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    What I Did for Love! (444)

    Yeah, they also had pictures of jessie in one of her contests (i think it was ariados vs squirtle)
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    favourite contest

    My favorite contest was the pureka contest because it jeust shows cheating gets you no where. Also, Harley made me laugh
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    Should May......(spoilers)

    Squirtle is cool but it shouldn't be a uber. It should have lost to scizor at least!