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    Pokemon Fans 18+ from the 90's

    Hahahaha, jeez, it just occurred to me that I'm turning 20 this month. I was part of the consumer base that Pokemon was targeted at when I first started playing. Back when it first came out in 1998, I was 9 years old, and my first Pokemon game was Red version. Coincidentally, it was also my...
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    Serebii.net Update: Thursday: Movie 12 News

    Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and throw my 2 cents in: 1.) Ash and a certain "Electric Pokemon" is most likely referring to Pikachu. They were probably trying to be clever. HOWEVER, there is still the chance that I'm wrong about this. 2.) It isn't a new legendary, don't get your hopes up about...
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    Serebii.net Pokéarth - Release Discussion Thread

    Sorry sorry. =_= It's not in the first post, though. and I wasn't in the mood to read 12 pages last night, so...
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    Serebii.net Pokéarth - Release Discussion Thread

    Okay, so did no one else notice that the geography is screwy? Like, I can understand if you set 'em up like this so it would be easier to find stuff, but for anyone who actually understands the topography of the Pokemon world this is just a little disorientating. I mean no disrespect of course...
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    Who has a complete dex? (Poll)

    Sooooo very close. I'm missing 5 pokemon (other than the three events from this gen), Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Latias, and Kyogre . And I got the whole thing done legitly.
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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    I'm 19 and I first started watching the series back when it first came on UPN, so I got Red when it first came out and I haven't been able to stop playing the games since!