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    rate my new build team so far.

    They're not yet at lvl100 but i still want to know if they're good. Still battling to Pkmn league to lvlup them to 100. oh, one thing, my team's not yet complete, need one more pokemon to fit in my team, i'm planning to use ninjask for baton pass. pls suggest :D TORTERRA (adamant) @...
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    do u think pokemon is "for kids"?

    Hi!, I'm a filipino and in Philippines most of the people here thinks and treats that pokemon is for kids but for me it isn't.. in your place.. do you think it's "for kids"?
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    underground questions?

    how to blow away the leaf and the fire traps?
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    need chimchar!!

    I am trading Phione for a female chimchar.... name: Patrik FC: 3522-8781-4811
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    I needed The three starter Pokemons in the sinnoh regions but I don't have strong and rare pokemon yet so for all the kindhearted trainers here please give me................ thx in advance.. name: Patrik FC: 3522-8781-4811
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    Rate My Future Team!

    1.Torterra: Earthquake WoodHammer Grass Knot Hyper Beam 2.Shiny Altaria: Ice Beam Flamethrower Dragon Pulse Solar Beam 3.Blaziken Flamethrower Sky Uppercut Earthquake Hyper Beam 4.Dialga Roar of Time Flash Cannon Thunder Bolt FlameThrower 5.Rayquaza Ice Beam...
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    Is it possible to clone a pokemon in emerald?
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    How to EV train?

    I Know That Serebii.net have this page but i can't really understand it well,can u please explain it to me?...