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    Suggestions for what direction to go with a Aqua or Magma Team?

    Hey All, I've been tempted to try running a team through Ruby or Sapphire of the opposing team, I.E. Magma in Sapphire, Aqua in Ruby. That being said, I feel like Mightyena and Crobat Duplicates would be a bit boring. Could anybody add some suggestions that might push me in the right direction...
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    (YGO) Would a Mirror match be inherently more balanced?

    Hey, random question that's been bouncing around in the back of my head, would a scenario where both players have the same exact deck be more balanced than one using a mod of the Warrior Structure Deck 5 and one using a mod of the Spellcaster Structure deck from around that same time. A...
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    Suggestions for a Pokespecial Dppt team?

    Hey everybody, I'm looking to build a Pokespecial Dppt team trying to emphasize the cooperation between Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz, but I'm somewhat stuck on what to use as Dia's Second, Split between Munchlax and Bastiodon. The only rules I have set up so far are 1. Must be a pokemon the...
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    Ash Team help please.

    Hi, I need a bit of help again with deciding what the final member for my current team in Fire Red should be. See, I'm building a team specifically designed to mirror Ash's Kanto adventure up to (potentially a little before) the Giovanni fight. The short way of putting my reasoning is that is...
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    Help with emerald

    Hey, I need some opinions on my emerald team. This was the team I wanted to start the Region lock with, so it unfortunately kicked out some of the characters. I defeated the E4, but I would like to tackle the Battle Frontier and the Regi's path. As per my usual rules of team Firstoff, no...
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    Surfing Pikachu, Is R-2 the only way?

    I remember getting the "Congratulations, would you like Pikachu to learn surf." Scene in Stadium, but apparently I don't have Prime Cup Masterball in my trophy collection for R-2. How is It that I both have achieved this and not at the same time?
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    Second Shinys.

    An idea I had a couple days ago was a second set of shiny pokemon, the colors once again changing in unpredictable ways. Of course, the rarity of the desired shiny increases with that concept, so what if nintendo created a second set of Shinies, while lowering to odds of finding a shiny to about...
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    Could I get some clarification on Pokerus

    Does it affect the pokemon before I am notified at the pokemon center. Or does it pospone the effects until you are aware of it? Like one of those nightmares where you're at school, and nobody notices you don't have any pants on till you do. The reason I ask is I am dashing back and forth...
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    Clarification on transform...

    I am well aware that the health of ditto doesn't change, but do the other stats reflect the opponents? I mostly was just planning on putting ditto on my team as a novelty pokemon, but with those stats, he might not even be good at that...
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    Mewtwo in Subspace Emissary (A Brawl One-Shot)

    Mewtwo watched as Bowser’s trophy gun blew up, petrifying several Primid. “Fool, He makes those furry imbeciles from the Starfox unit look as though they were the best of the best.” His eyes glowed again, and the picture vanished. Then was a thought blossomed in his head, if this “Tabuu” fool...
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    I need help deciding the last member of my team

    Rule 1: It stays in the 4th gen. not catch as catch can Rule 2: no ubers / probably no legendarys (I.E. iffy on Cresselia) Rule 3: none of the following Rule 4: Bare in mind the team is what I have planned for it, I actually am still going up against Fantina (Gym leader 5). Rule 5: this...
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    YGO: Tactical Advantage?

    I was tuning up the warrior deck and I noticed that Mataza the Zapper has a slightly better effect then Hayabusa Knight as well as a slightly higher Attack point score. is there any unnoticed reasons to use Hayabusa Knight?
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    Eevee's evolution to the 2nd gen forms

    In FR/LG, you can get an eevee, and you can raise it's happiness to max. does the lack of time remove it's capability to evolve to Espeon or Umbreon. or does the lack of time lock it to one or the other? It didn't clarify in the Game Mechanics page on the Eons.
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    YGO: summoning Question

    If I equip metalmorph to an opponents REBD. Would I have to get it onto my side of the field in order to summon Red eyes black metal dragon?
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    suggestions for my last pokemon of Fire red team. (odd rules.)

    Firstoff, no ubers. Second, charizard is the only only starter allowed on the team. Third, None of the following. Fourth, nobody from to 152-386 without further ado Charizard@ Leftovers Trait:Blaze EVs: no perticular direction Nature: Bold -Flamethrower -Dragon Claw -Wing...
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    potential infinite attack (ygo)

    I found a loophole in the text of destiny hero dreadmaster (dreadguy). the effect states that it's attack is equal to the attack of all "destiny hero" cards on the field. If two destiny hero dreadmasters were on the field alongside a basic destiny hero it would increase the attack by the same...
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    Is pokemon g/s/c technically still (chronologically) the newest generation?

    This is but another idle thought that I had about the timeline It is given that the remakes are the same story of pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. However Fire red and Leaf green can trade with pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Colloseum, and XD(?) without usage of a "Time machine". thus this...
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    Theory as to why shinys are so rare (For the nido- family)

    Ok, this just is a little theory that I had but perhaps the shiny nido- family are rare due to the fact they are not considered true mates to the their species. For example, Give that nidorans detect potential mates solely off of their color and scent. A shiny nidoran male would give off the...