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  1. K

    does anyone have any idea...

    when the 4th generation japanese traing cards come out? Its probably too early though...
  2. K

    You know what I find funny, yet rude?

    There are no african-americans in the pokemon anime or the games. Probably because they are set in japan and african-americans are the minority there... does anybody else agree with me??
  3. K

    Doodles with Kuro!

    (PLANNING ON EDITING ALL SKETCHES SOON!) As we all know, School can be, well, boring at times, especially at study hall. Sometimes I have nothing to do, so what else better to do that to draw my favorite things in the world: Pokemon! WooooHooo! Anyways, these are just very rough sketches...
  4. K

    pokemon music.

    if pokemon listened to music, what style or band do you think they'd listen to? I came up with this idea when i was listening to evanescence and drawing a sad gardevior, and to myself i was thinking "this picture goes so well with the song (my immortal)" so yeah, I think ralts, kirlia, and...
  5. K

    Ashes butterfree.

    Dont know if there was a thread like this before, But i was wondering, whatever happened to ashes butterfree? I mean, i know it went to breed with the pink butterfree, but its never shown up in the anime after that, to my knowledge. Do you think that it could come back in shinou?
  6. K

    -I'm Back-

    Names ive been through on SPPF: from Waterlover315--to-->DarkWater--and finally-->kuro mizu Well. >.> Here they are... ^^=new. Sprites are viewed best in the Happy Style, but the forums are best viewed in Dark Style BTW Trainers (Me) ((planning on making a new one soon))...
  7. K

    DarkWater's Sketch Requests

    DarkWater's Sketch Requests and Variety Shop Here I can sketch your pokemon of choice, plus some other things. Sketch Pokemon: Expression: Full body or face picture: Colored?: yes or no (Not colored probably looks best) Example: 01 Mixes/splices/fusions 1st pokemon: 2nd...
  8. K

    Impossible Creatures Club

    Aprooved by PsiUmbreon Welcome to the Impossible Creatures Club. Overview For those of you who don't know what Impossible Creatures is, it's a very fun, addicting, and strategic PC game. What the game basically is, is a strategy RTS game where you take two different animals, combine...
  9. K

    What is your favorite water type?

    Just wondering what your favorite water type is. Mine is Gyarados ^-^ If voting other, please post which pokemon (it sucks that there are only a maximum of 10 options, otherwise i would have put every single water pokemon ='[)
  10. K

    My Gallery

    ;130;enjoy;130; The Everyday Mixes/Splices/Fusions 1.Kingdevoir 2.Seakitty 3.Dotaria 4.Xator 5.Ninecanth 6.Garinx 7.Smoochlia 8.Grottle 9.Mightikou 10.Mudlava Trainer Cards Trainers 1.Me and Jess 2.Pokesho Me 3.Me in a Hat/Overworlds Edits/Elemental...