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  1. Z

    Jokes about Pokemon

    And here's my unoriginal, seven in the morning joke. A slowpoke was told a joke by one of his friends. However, the slowpoke did not laugh, even though the joke was very funny. The friend was a bit annoyed at this, and shunned Slowpoke ever since. 5 years later, Slowpoke was fired because...
  2. Z

    ~*"We Will be Spriters!"*~

    Nice work, Josh. You're definitely improving, keep up the hard work :) I especially love the fusions :P
  3. Z

    ~MewOfRange's Sprite Shop~

    Thanks Josh :D BTW your sprite thread's pictures aren't loading :(
  4. Z

    ~MewOfRange's Sprite Shop~

    Thanks Josh :D I guess a totodile chao is a bit hard to do xD |Chao| Pokemon to be Chao'ed: Bagon Sitting/Standing/Lying down?: Surprise me WBG? Yes or No: No Is a bagon easier? :D
  5. Z

    I posted in both your sprite thingies like you asked. You dirty little bumper guy thingo...

    I posted in both your sprite thingies like you asked. You dirty little bumper guy thingo magic.... worthing..ton...shire.....alot... I gotta go.
  6. Z

    ~MewOfRange's Sprite Shop~

    |Chao| Pokemon to be Chao'ed: Totodile! Sitting/Standing/Lying down?: Surprise me WBG? Yes or No: No |Revamps| Pokemon to be revamped: Totodile From what generation: GSC To what generation: PDPL WBG? Yes or No: No
  7. Z

    My Assorted Sprites

    I'd crit some but...none of the pics are showing up... Where is the tutorial for making maps? I can't find it?
  8. Z

    UKHITSL - My Sonic Sprite Comic

    2, 3 and 4 up. Is comic bumping like this allowed?
  9. Z

    ~*~ Official Claim a Pokémon Thread 2.0 ~*~

    Gah, Totodile's taken? Let's see... Ahh, second fave. Bagon - Zivhayr - October 21 2008
  10. Z

    Who wants to be a Pokemon Master?

    I love this, it's great. Very funny and well presented. For your website, you can get rid of that FreeWebs banner at the bottom...and get a website that is www.YourName.co.nr.... so yeah. Yay that. (Google co.nr)
  11. Z

    UKHITSL - My Sonic Sprite Comic

    As I said in the original post, the first 5 or so loo terrible, the text sucks and the speech bubbles take too much room...I had speech bubbles for sound effects? Where?... Oh I did too. Can't remember doing that. The main reason I'm releasing slowly is because number 10 will be . Yeah well...
  12. Z

    Plastic Surgery: A necessary (life saving) procedure, or vanity taken to extremes?

    Look at Michael Jackson and tell me that it should be used for vanity :3 P.S I know this is a weak arguement and that Michael Jackson doesn't represent surgery I just wanted to make fun of him :3
  13. Z

    UKHITSL - My Sonic Sprite Comic

    Ok, I mostly use paint, sometimes GIMP and are starting to use GIMP more and more. Before you start reading, I'd like to make one thing clear. I have already made 9 comics but am releasing them gradually, the first 5 or so look really bad, number 6 and onwards are getting much better. I'll...
  14. Z

    The Return of Pokemon Survivor!

    Nuzleaf, I can't stand the sight of them.
  15. Z

    Over 600 New Avatars, New Smilies & New User Ranks Planned

    Good job, Joe. Yay for avatars which I probably will never use! XP
  16. Z

    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    Yes, I collect the RPGs, all I need now is Blue, Crystal and LeafGreen...and platinum
  17. Z

    My Assorted Sprites

    I really like these... as for tips I can't really give any since I'm hopeless myself :P Maybe I'll get some practise in...
  18. Z

    Hey Josh :D

    Hey Josh :D