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    The Sims 2

    I dont know what to do! Yesterday I was playing I left to go do somthing, my moms boyfriend came to use the computer while I was gone. Did somthing to my game, went online after to check his e-mail then shut the computer off. Now everytime I try to play it, just as soon as its about to load to...
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    Think's Userbar Shop

    Hey, Think Togepi here. Just now thought of opening a Userbar Shop. I enjoy making these, and I hope you injoy your visit here. Oh Joy Rules. ^_^ I know right... The Rules 1. All Forum rules apply. 2. Give me credit if you wish to post these. 3. I have the right to refuse any request...
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    I just Hatched ^_^

    Hi there. Im new to these fourms. But I have been playing Pokemon games for around 6 years. ^_^ If anyone loves Togepi as much as I do, I think we're going to get along pretty well. ~Think-Togepi;175;