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Search results

  1. K

    The Fantasy Request Shop!

    Thanks for the avvy Umi, im putting it in my profile ^-^ This is seriously the best shop on SPPF No joke.
  2. K

    -I'm Back-

  3. K

    -I'm Back-

    well... I...really dont know, It might just be my style. I always use custom colors and never black outlines ever...uhh other than that, I couldnt tell ya O.o Any suggestions for a really cool evo line? Im bored x.x
  4. K

    Official Signature Check Thread

    With the sprite, I have it linked to pokesho. Is that okay?
  5. K

    This or that?

    Meganium. If you had to choose, chop off hands or feer. Cant say neither.
  6. K

    Rate the sig above you

  7. K

    -I'm Back-

    how come nobody has replied yet :( heres the final evo, Beautyfree ***Views best with happy style***
  8. K

    What annoys you most about Pokemon games/anime/manga?

    That they changed the voice actors. Completely ruined the anime.
  9. K

    If you were to die a pokemon based death how would you go down.

    Anything after hypnosis is used. I dont want to feel pain. ever.
  10. K

    Rate the sig above you

    puurrdy gewd. 7.9999999972395802865/10
  11. K

    Caption the avatar above you!

    So youre saying my skitty is a boy? O.O,
  12. K

    Rate the avatar above

    meh. 4/10.
  13. K

    Caption the avatar above you!

    Now I actually look decent thanks to the fourth generation ^^
  14. K

    Love it or Hate it!?

    like it O.O water?
  15. K

    This or that?

    Plusle. Cuter IMO. Houndoom or Absol?
  16. K

    Gendarrks Sprite Stuff

    I second that :3
  17. K

    Old and New and Random!

    Oh god O.O I love it :3 Its so cuteeee!!! I want to see its evo's right now kthanks ^^
  18. K

    Dark Ray's High Quality Sprites

    um sorry, I wouldnt call these high quality at all X.X Never use black outlines on the entire sprite, it makes it look horrible. Keep working on these O.o
  19. K

    Weee!! I'm back!!

    Oh god, I love all of them O.O :3 U mind if I use those backgrounds for future purposes? Credit will be given, as usual.
  20. K

    Official Signature Check Thread

    I'd like my sig checked please :3