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    Inheritance: Invasion

    Inheritance: Invasion [Credit to Mew_ for the banner.] Rules Follow all Serebii Forums rules. One character maximum. May be changed later, but for now, only one. No overpowered characters. Seriously, starting out as a Shadeslayer is ludicrous. This includes having a character who is a King...
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    uranianUmbra [UU]'s Team

    Ok then, this is my UU team! I realized that UU relates to Homestuck, my other favourite medium, so this thread is kinda a mix between the two of them. These are taken form Pokemon Online's UU tiers, not Smogon's. Not sure what the difference is between the two, but just thought I'd say that...
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    The Key

    http://www.iaza.com/work/111201C/iaza13221371260100.png Story: Begin. It is late. About 8 Pm. It's a Saturday. This Saturday also happens to be a very important day. it is the day of the creation of The Key, an odd object, which is, funnily enough, shaped like a key. The idea behind it is...
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    Stuck at home with SBURB 2

    [Sign Ups] [Discussion] A Boy stand sin his bedroom. According to him, today is a pretty cool day. Today is the day he starts a supposedly AWESOME game called SBURB 2. He has no reason why, but already, he loves it. Apparently, It's so awesome. Enter name. Enraged Idiot. The boy...
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    Stuck at home with SBURB 2 [DT]

    Approved by Kamotz. The Cast: Males Thomas Smith [anvilFist]- Fire/Fighting. (Knight of Fire, Land of Flames and Hardship) [Proby3] --- Aden Jackson [peculiarCreator]- Ice/Dragon. (Artist or Myths, Land of Snow and Scales) [Monty] Alex Suaréz [hardyRuffian]- Rock/Ground (Page of Sand, Land...
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    The Dustmen [Wifi UU]

    The Dustmen Ok then! I've had a lot of success with this team lately on PO. It uses a combination of common Sweepers and Unexpected 'mons. The Team http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/e/ee/291Ninjask_Dream.png Ninja (Ninjask) (M) @ Focus Sash Ability: Speed Boost EVs: 252 HP / 252...
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    Stuck at home with SBURB 2 [SU]

    GC: OH SW33T J3GUS! IT'S H33333333R3! Stuck at home with SBURB 2 It has been exactly 931 days since our last adventure began, dear reader.We thought you may wish to know this fascinating information. 931 days since a copy of SBURB arrived at a young 13 year old named John Egbert's house...
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    [Sign Ups Here] Hurth 18th of October 5:06 PM United States of America, Florida [Earth] "Al ABOOOOAAAAAARD!" yelled Captain Lucian of the S.S. Lucy. It was slowly getting dark and he knew that if he left any later, it would get too dark. Sailing at night was notoriously risky in the Gulf of...
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    Hurth An Odd Pokemon/Discworld/His Dark Materials Hybrid RP Introduction to Hurth 13th of October, 2011 Hello. As I'm about to die, I thought it useful to write down my life. Dunno why, just a random feeling I got. My name is Griff Maddox. I am an adventurer and explorer living in the world of...
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    SSB The Search for the Gem Discussion

    [Sign Up thread] [RP Thread] [Approved by Razor Leaf] Follow The Serebii Forums Rules. No meaningless chit-chat. Discussion of the RP Only. Only post her to ask about the RP. Sign Ups questions go in the Sign Up thread. Talk about the plot and your characters [as long as it's relevant...
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    Super Smash Bros- The Search for the Gem

    [Sign Up thread] [Discussion Thread] The weather was lovely on the first day of the Tournament. The Ultimate tournament. The one to decide the best of the best. It would be tough for anyone entering, trying to achieve such a great honour. Everyone was strong in this tournament. The weak had...
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    Pokemon Dream World ID Exchange Thread

    Want to make Dream World friend with people you know from the Forums? This is the place to come! Using a special method, you can. Original thread on Bulbagarden forums, HERE. I'm not taking credit for this. Just tellin' you how. Information you may want to know. Ever wondered why you've never...
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    Super Smash Bros- The Search for the Gem [Discussion thread here]

    Sign Up thread here. Right, this is the Discussion topic for the Super Smash Bros Roleplay! The RP will start sometime soon, once I feel there's enough people. You can sign up after that time. After all, in the Subspace Emissary, Some characters didn't appear for ages (Sonic only appeared in...
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    Super Smash Bros- The Search for the Gem

    Super Smash Bros -The Search for the Gem [RP Thread] [Discussion Thread] Welcome to Smash World. In this world, trophies can be brought to life, creating a fully living, fully breathing creature. The creatures of this world all may look different, but their goals are the same- their aim is...
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    Planned Team for Black.

    Once I have completed my Fighting Monotype, I'm doing another run-through using (apart from my starter) Pokemon I haven't used before. So Far I have: Samurott -Surf -Aqua Tail -> Return -X-scissor -Retaliate -> Ice beam Archeops -Fly -Crunch -> Earthquake -Rock Slide -Dragon Claw Haxorus...
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    Fighting Monotype.

    Ok, so I'm currently going through a Fighting Monotype team on my Black Version. I allowed myself Pokemon from previous gens (I have White) and I allowed them some egg moves. So far, it's going great. I'm on Route 9. Here is the team:
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    The Adventures Of Zack, A Trainer (PG)

    The Adventures Of Zack, A Trainer (A.K.A TAOZAT) (Rated PG) Index -Foreword -Episode One- New Beginnings -Episode Two- Alice captures a Pokemon! -The Lilly-Livered Lotad Tormentors! Foreword. So... this is the first time I'm actually going to properly do a Fanfic. No matter what other...
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    I (THINK I) Can Shade now!

    Yay! I've been trying to scratch some stuff for ages now, with little success. Because I couldn't shade. I tried and tried, and nothing seemed to work. But recently, I think I may have cracked it. First of all, I did a Samurott repose (you can see it in the Spriter's Lounge.) I was pleasantly...
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    Summer Sprite Contest Polls

    Ok, Poll time! Some information/Rules There is no elimination, so you can start entering at any stage and stop entering at any stage. There is ONE poll thread for the whole contest. Every week you will see a different set of entries, for each week's theme. You must vote for what entries you...
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    The Summer Sprite Contest (SSC) [Approved By Sweet May]

    Yes, It's Summer Time [Well in England it is anyway... sorry Australia]! And we all know what that means, right? Yep, it's time for one of the yearly Sprite Contests that we all often see on Serebii! But First... Let's run some rules past you. General Rules Follow the General Serebii Forums...