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    Refresh Botton (F5)

    My Refresh botton hasnt been working for 2 days now im clicking F5 and still not coming back,could someone help me? Plz help im having alot of problemes
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    Scientifically whats if power item's?

    Scientifically whats if power item's? Exemples:Macho brace,Power Bracer,etc... Close it if its in the wrong place or Someone alredy made something similar to this.
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    Left 4 Dead

    Is this game worth getting for xbox360 or pc,is this a good game or a good game? tell me if u said yes or no and y did u pick that.
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    Still a noob

    hi im still a noob never made a traed to say hi or hiya so hi nice to meet u and i need some help with almost everything and ty my fav pokemon is absol!!
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    Which movie is the best?

    like the 12th movie is coming out i decided not judge what was your best movie u can only name a movie 1 time ONLY.My best pokemon film will be pokemon 4 ever,u can tell y u like the film.
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    Click my dragon eggs

    I'm new here and just tough i showed u my dragon/eggs,just click em and they will mature/hatch.Ty for listening.