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    I got the CS4 trial (to help relieve boredom) and made these. Haven't made anything for a while, so they probably look bad, but I personally like the colouring. EDIT: lol I made some more. It's colourful. Dull, but I think it's okay-ish. Alright, I guess.
  2. K

    icons >:

    lol, i've been practicing since my last icon post. ;D
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    Sorry you're not a winner

    [random song name title] I like it, but it looks like a big icon. Only have one banner so far, will post more later. x_x;
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    s i m p l i c i t y

    ROYAL OCEAN icon & banner shop //in the process of getting name changed. ._. //also, CLOSED indefinably. R U L E S [o1] all sppf rules apply here [o2] use the form please, it makes it easier to know what your requesting [o3] i make avatars and banners, and only them [o4] i will try to be...
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    gdrsrgserg!! RULES - follow all the rules - use the form - i make banners and avatars - one warning, then your banned - maximum of three people requesting at a time THE FORM Replace ____ with what you want to request. ____ plz! IMAGES: COLOURS: STYLE: SIZE: OTHER: WAITING LIST one ___...
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    My video card is beeping at me! o_o

    Whenever I try to play this game, my video card (or something around the video card area) starts beeping... really loudly. It stops beeping when I close the game. I'm guessing I might not have a good enough video card to support the game, but iunno... better to get an expert in the matters opinion!
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    ` xx Akatsuki Scrapbook ;

    Lawl I made another shop. :3 Requests closed. R U L E S + All SPPf rules. + Use the form. + Only three requests at a time. + I may change any part of a request if I wish. + Type “Akatsuki notebook! :3” before you request, make sure there are no quotation marks {“”'s} and that it's in bold...
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    ` breakingAWAY ;

    rules;obey – Regular forum rules apply. – I make banners. Nothing else. – I only do three requests at a time, that is all. If you see that the list is full up, go away until there is room. – I reserve the right to be as unfair {or fair} as I want, that means...
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    Sexuke banner

    Is'nt is pretty? I wub it. C&C needed. ^^
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    Oh noez, Oira's found the fan sprites forum! This ones a Minun coloured in Pikachus colours. The body was meant to be orange, but it came out bronze-ish. @_@; C&C anyone? ;3
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    __ I M P A L E D ; angel && [Graphics]

    Ah, welcome to my lair, I see you stumbled apon this place out of curiosity, no? Well, curiosity is a sin, but, I shall not punish you this time. Be warned though, I will not be so lenient next time you happen to commit a crime... Now, where were we? Ah yes. I was telling you about this humble...
  12. K

    Super slow, non-responsive computer.

    Well, my computer is only a year old, has Xp, and takes 10 minutes to log on, is always closing programs and is constantly being reset. So what things can I do to make the computer a bit faster? EDIT: It also freezes every now and again for a couple of minutes.
  13. K

    . p u r e l y [oira-kun's] //

    Chibi me © Sammi of Serebiiforums.com And is not to be used anywhere else without permission from her Also, don't ask her to draw one for you unless you are her close friend. I made another shop, so I can start to harness my skills, to hone them, to perfect them. I know I still have a long...
  14. K

    Banner royal.

    Like, total banner royal 'ere. I like it, it reminds me of eggs though. D: Sammi said it was better than usual, so I acheived something! I redid the I ? u banner {somewhat}, there is a little row of "xoxoxoxo"'s in it, and they are semi-transparent. More will be added when I do them. ;D...
  15. K

    Start-up program removal?

    Yeah, whenever I start the computer up, and log on, Messenger and some other programs open up aswell, so, is there a way to stop this?
  16. K

    Training wheels {Graphix shop}

    I made another shop, this one has not just banners, but avatars, trainer cards, userbars and other little things that I learn to do. As the title suggests, this is a training shop, so don't expect every thing to come out perfect. Also i'm going to accept some workers here, so that they get...
  17. K

    { a v a t a r s } Badly, badly made. ;3

    Yeah, I made an avatar or two, what'cha gonna do 'bout it? I know it's blurry, but the image was already like that, honest! I used some image effects before slapping on textures, that explains the strange hair. I love this one, but Mist wolf said to put a little swirly brush on the right...
  18. K

    . B a n n e r s {Trainee Style} _xx

    I'm making a banner shop for one reason, Experience. I need to improve in my banner making skill so I made this shop. Please try not to abuse me if a banner I make for you is bad, as I am still a beginner and may be new to the style you give me. Apart from this shop Sammi, Lust and Mist Wolf...
  19. K

    x.x.x Tc Shop \\_xx

    Yush I have decided to make a tc shop, I have some experience in making tcs, mostly custom ones. I made this shop to develop my skills in basic spriting and using Photoshop(Which Sammi is also helping me with, Bless her.). Please don't give me a rough time or I will close the shop and go away...
  20. K

    Xbox360 or PS3?

    Well, my dad is going to buy either an Xbox360 or a PS3 and I want to know which one would be the best. Which has more/better features? Which has better games? And which is better in your opinion?