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    PMD2 rips

    Here are some of the backgrounds and pokemon in PMD2 (click on icons to see sprite sheets): Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Backgrounds: I'll try and do some more backgrounds and pokemon daily. Pokemon:
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    Help with Microsoft gif animator

    Hi, I have the microsoft gif animator ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_GIF_Animator ) and I was wondering how to WBG and make the animations clearer, like the one in my signature if possible. Thanks. :)
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    First animations

    Hi, I just started trying animations, and here are some of the first ones that I have done (the first is really bad): I just started today, so I know they aren't that advanced. C & C appreciated. :) I also don't know how to make transparent animations, so if...
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    Posting word documents on the internet

    Does anyone know how to post word documents on the internet?
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    First pixel-over

    I tried to make a pixel-over of shieldon, and I was wondering how it turned out. It was my first one, and it took me quite a while to finish: C & C appreciated.
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    Good balanced team in 5 days?

    Does anyone have a good idea on a balanced team in 5 days? I so far have: wobbuffet ? ? ? ? ? (The tournament I'm going in allows 2 ubers or legendaries)
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    How to tell the difference between hacked and legit?

    How can you figure out the difference between a hacked pokemon and legit when you trade (Like if you get a pokemon that says the person got it from hoenn)? If this is the wrong thread or the topic isn't allowed, mods please delete it or please tell me so I can delete it.
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    Hidden Power (HP)

    Does a poekmon's Hidden Power type stay with it for the whole time that you train it? For example, if I get a level 50 timid zapdos with the IVs for HP dark and I want HP grass, can I change the HP type as I train it, or do I no matter what have to keep the HP dark? I have been soft-reseting at...
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    Slowking moveset.

    Is this a good moveset for slowking?: Serious(neutral) @quick claw HP Ice Curse Zen Headbutt Water Pulse I don't have a good nature or any egg moves because it is shiny. Also, it is level 44.
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    Calculating IVs and Hidden Power.

    How do you calculate IVs? I went to this but I was really confused. I have some questions about what goes in where: What do you put in the "EP" place under the stats? What do you put in the Average for Individual Values? (and where do you find the average for your pokemon on your game?)...
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    EV training?

    How do you EV train? Do you have to use items such as the power anklet, band, belt, bracer, lens, and weight?
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    Shiny eevee?

    Does anyone have a shiny eevee? I have some shinies, legendaries, and pokemon with egg moves, including chimchar with fire and thunderpunch and duskull with pain split.
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    Rate my team.

    For my team, I need help with natures, moves, items, etc. Also, if you think that my pokemon has really bad moves, etc., then please state so. (this team is for double battles.) Slaking @? Nature w/ scope lens (Truant) Slash Slack off ? ? Rhyperior @? Nature w/ quick claw...
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    Does anyone have a normal celebi to trade? I have some shinies, legendaries, and pokemon with bred moves.
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    Breeding for shinies.

    About how many eggs does it usually take to get a shiny pokemon? I have 86 level 5 normal exeggcutes (I'm trying to get a shiny exeggcute), and I wanted to know about how much longer it would take to get a shiny exeggcute. I know it is about a 1/8192 chance of even seeing a shiny but if someone...
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    My first ever fusions

    I just started to try how to make fusions. I tried to make my first one, thought looked kind of cool, so I made 2 more. I know that they are really copy and pastish, but I would appreciate it if I could gets some feedback and tips. Here are the fusions:
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    Good battle tower team?

    What is a good battle tower team? Mine so far is: crobat, seaking, and weezing. The farthest I have ever gotten is to the 23rd battle.
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    redblueyellow's TC shop!

    redblueyellow’s TC shop Workers: redblueyellow Rules: 1.Only 1 TC per request 2. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=148029 Forms: TC’s Template: (what #) Pokemon (up to 6 pokemon): Type of pokemon sprites ( http://www.pokesho.com/icone1.html or...
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    Eliete 4.

    How many times have you beaten the Eliete 4? I've beaten it 151 times.
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    Trading items

    How do you trade items in MD? Also, can you trade items from red version to blue version?