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  1. Lunanight

    Kanto Ash and Rival Competence, OR Why Ash Losing to Beginner Rivals Isn't Always Bad Writing

    When the anime inevitably gets to Sword and Shield with Ash going off to Galar, its almost certain that he will have at least one rookie rival. He has had one every region: Gary/Ritchie, Macy, Morrison, Barry, all of Ash’s BW rivals, and Sawyer/Tierno. With each new rival comes the insistence...
  2. Lunanight

    Hydreigon/Eelektrik deck

    Although I did not play the TCG much, I did play a few years ago around the time Holon Phantom's came out but then I drifted away from pokemon TCG. Now, after over 5 years, I have returned and back with my first deck since. Poke's = 20 4 Deino (Noble Victories) 3 Zweilous (Noble Victories) 3...
  3. Lunanight

    How would you feel if Trip battled Alder?

    In episode 34, Trip's flashback involved him meeting Alder and I guess that inspired him to be a trainer since he seemed to say something thing along those lines. It could give Trip character development and would be like the Paul vs Cynthia match. Maybe meeting him again could make Trip see...
  4. Lunanight

    Victini In 5th Gen

    Typing: Psychic / Fire Base Stats: 100 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 100 Ability: Victory Star: raises accuracy of Victini by 10% (I think it is 10%) moves in BOLD are good moves for victini
  5. Lunanight

    Latios in 5th Gen

    Type: Dragon/Phychic Base Stats: HP - 80 Attack - 90 Defence - 80 Special Attack - 130 Special Defence - 110 Speed - 110 Ability: Levitate: Immune to ground type moves Bold Things Are Very Good for Latios Not much has changed for Latios, except for Phycho Shock, but that move will...
  6. Lunanight

    Azelf, Eat your Heart Out (5th Gen RMT)

    The reason the title is called "azelf, eat your heart out" Is because victini can do what azelf can do but better the "thing" it can do better is be a better suicide lead with a scarf and death gambit . this team is just a test team as I am testing pokemon like latios to see how they do in...
  7. Lunanight

    My First 5th Gen RMT

    TEAM OVERVIEW I have tested this team on a battle simulator called "pokemon online" and it did well, if you can not find it: search for it in google and download it. for people who do not know, it is like shoddy except with 5th gen pokemon I would post a link to the download website...
  8. Lunanight

    Could team rocket capture pikachu but giovanni would reject it

    since the begining: they have wanted pikachu. (REALY, GIOVANNI IS IN VIRIDAN CITY: I AM SURE HE HAS ABOUT 100 PIKACHU'S) in kanto, they were serious. they were pathetic in johto, hoenn and sinnoh. however, in isshu: they are serious about their loyalty to team rocket. Imagine this...
  9. Lunanight

    could zekrom have replaced static with lightningrod

    when zekrom attacked pikachu, it looked as if zekrom have absorbed some of pikachu's power and when it recovered: it could have learnt it somehow. it could be interesting to see how they explain that. Even if it did not replace static with lightningrod, it could have an important part in...
  10. Lunanight


    I am not sure if this shipping has been already done but anyway.... for people who do not know about this shipping pair, it is a ship with paul x barry. I assume both characters have all lot of fangirl's / fanboys so all those fangirls / fanboys can come to support this shipping pair...
  11. Lunanight

    does any once else feel that ash's victory over paul was a bit "forced"

    normally, I rarely make big threads like these but I feel this is a good point about the league. VS paul. This is the most important point. electivire is stronger then ash's infernape. I bet you are thinking: what!, ash won because he is better then paul. when infernape and electivire...
  12. Lunanight

    support the slow pokemon (All Tiers except uber)

    ninjask @ leftovers jolly nature 252 HP / 176 Atk / 80 Speed - substitute - swords dance - x-scissor - baton Pass The EV spread allows Ninjask to reach 416 Speed, enough to outspeed everything except for electrode(who is rarely seen in OU play). The HP investment and Leftovers allows...
  13. Lunanight

    The LT and the OP

    well, in the OP: there was a darkrai, entei and lucario fighting against ash's pokemon. now darkrai is confirmed to be the LT's so maybe all three are owned by the LT I am not confirming it, its called common sense as it looked like it was in the same battle @ mods: if you feel like...
  14. Lunanight

    My First gravity team (OU)

    magnezone @ life orb Timid Nature [Magnet Pull] 4 HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 Speed - Gravity - Zap Cannon / Thunder - HP Fire / HP Ice / HP Grass - Flash Cannon my Lead gravity user. HP Fire can trap scizor and kill it. HP Ice can perform the bolt beam combo and can kill salamence and flygon...
  15. Lunanight

    my first UU team

    aggron @ shuca berry impish nature [rock head] 252 HP / 80 Atk / 176 Def - stealth rock - head smash - earthquake - aqua tail the point of this this aggron is to set up stealth rocks and then try to attack whatever it is up against, the bad thing is it is SLOW making it easier for...
  16. Lunanight

    (5 OU, 1 UU) a team with no sinnoh pokemon at all

    Flygon @ Choice Specs Timid Nature 252 SpAtk / 252 Speed - Dragon Pulse - Flamethrower - Earth Power - Hidden Power Fighting with a choice specs and perfect type coverage, it can easily become a threat. dragon pulse and flamethrower have perfect type coverage and earth power and HP...
  17. Lunanight

    A team built around ninjask....

    Ninjask @ Focus Sash jolly nature 252 HP / 156 Def / 100 Speed - Protect - Baton Pass - Ominous Wind - Swords Dance Ominous wind gets ninjask a 10% chance to raise all stats by 1.5 allowing ninjask to make any of my sweepers get the boost due to baton pass combine this with swords...
  18. Lunanight

    are these stats good for a level 100 aerodactyl

    aerodactyl Hasty nature Stats: HP:306 Atk:254 Def:126 SpAtk:125 SpDef:159 Speed:388 PS: i know how to EV train, I just do not know how to calculate EV's. PPS: Do IV's matter at all(other then for hidden power)
  19. Lunanight

    OU team(with a bit of UU)

    (physical wall/spiker/annoyer)skarmory @ Occa Berry Impish nature Keen Eye 100 HP / 70 Def / 170 SpDef / 170 Speed - Toxic - Brave Bird - Spikes - whirlwind my lead physical wall and spiker, also a status problem causer, (physical sweeper)Flygon @ choice scarf adamant nature...
  20. Lunanight

    what pokemon do you think is the most likely to become uber...

    title says it all, personally I say that ;373; is the most likely. Ps: @ mods, if you find it pointless, close the topic.