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    HACEKR aren't that abd

    Don't blame hachers for makeing hacked pokemon like deoxys or other ubers cause maybe they didn't have the gas to go to NY or seattle so i don't blame them
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    Is tucker Mentaly ill or sometihng?the clothes the hair due it just looks sooo weird. ITS DISTURBING! The fronteir brain.
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    What would happen if their was a episode were some one goes intot he future and meets the future counterparts of the maincharacters example ash,may, and brock) or just takes place in the future. Im bored and this just came in my mind.
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    This is rare in all games but What events in pokemon games were better in america then japan? example in america you don't need to go to a event to get manaphy just get the code for the manaphy egg mission in pokemon ranger (its not out yet) you need to look up pokemon.com for the code...
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    Usless news

    I just nicknamed my celebii Serebii in honor of this site if the SPPF STAFF sees this plz tell serebii I have a celei for him. If serebii himself sees this the celebi is for you Just becauseyour site has helped me in my game. ^_^
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    need help

    were can I make or get the software to make a animation of a deoxys pwning things like this caterpie http://www.creativeworlds.net/Gifs/Never_Doubt_the_Caterpie.gif My future animation is a deoxys walking and then groundon appears deoxys just stares then looked up and groudon tries to...
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    hardest and weirdest ays to get shinies

    Here are my weirdest ways. Getting shiny flygon via shiny trapinch by just appearing while going through the dessert. Getting a shiny linoone at a event at ebgames never even knew it was happening but I brang my gba for amuzment but I downloaded a shiny linoon. Encountered a shiny...
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    Hardest ways you got your legendary pokemon.

    Here were the hardest things I had to do to get legendaries. Went to the my friends house (he has the japenese version of colloseum and got a celebie so I got celebie through him ^_^. Preordered usa colloseum to get jirachi. Battled rayquaza with ease used master ball (should have saved...
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    Diamond pearl trades

    Here you can show what youl trade for what pokemon you want. You don't have to show wifi code for privacy if you don't want to. Heres my wish list fir wifi when I get pearl
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    The aruseus type changer

    I have heard that If you went to a nintedno event and Get that pokemon aruseus you can change his appearence and type like you change deoxys but no as a new evolution via plates. And Just saying I like that you can trade one wifi so now I can get pokemon I miss or special event pokemon without...
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    The pros and cons of D/P

    Here you can discuss the pros and cons of the new pokemon diamon and pearl Here are some of my opinions when I saw the new starters they didn't look good and when I saw the final and middle evolutions of them I wans't ecited by it and I love the pokemon of R/S/EMERALD But some of the pokemon...
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    Eevee Problem In Breeding

    I traded my vaporegon from my firered to my emerald and I caught a ditto and I breed them. I got lots of eegs and they came out as eevees but all male. I need some females. 1 is for my sister I breed special pokemon for people in my development. I looked up the gender ratio and I saw the...
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    Help with deoxys

    :386-s: my ruby has a deoxys from cheat machine action replay but i can't trade it to Emerald should i hatch me bad egg to get a deoxys that i can bring to emerald?!