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    Eye Toy as a webcam (help)

    alright so all of you people who know anything about this web cam you know that you have to have to download the driver (which I have) and run it and everything and that it comes with tracker cam this is where im stuck ok so i plug in my web cam and open vidcap32 here it either says device not...
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    win get a rare

    ;311;;412;;234; are prizes NO UBERS fine!!!!!!!!! uber haters win!!!!!!!!!!!!! sighn up now ps this thread might not be visited by me often so it might be canceled if i can do thaT)
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    Clash battle's 08

    OK as you may know i put up alot of tournament's but almost nobody joins them. I believe the reason is because all (I think) my tourny's are uber tournament's, and so now i have the possible solution; The CLASH BATTLE'S 08. this tournament will have something for everyone. What I mean by that is...
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    the survavial tournament: prizes, fun, and glory. sign up now!!!

    the survavial tournament a tournament in whitch will be teams chosen by ME and battler's will be chosen by their teams...
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    Rate My Team get a todidile

    I wan't somebody to rate my team i'll give the person a todidile but u got to tell me what i have to do and wait until i get wifi
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    the toughest of the tough tournament sighn up now

    well i want 2 host a pbr tournament for a while and i'm sick of every1 hating ubers (if u hate ubers i'm sure they hate u 2 >=( )so i gots to say i don't care if people use ubers or not in the tourny and no hacks unless it's a cloaned poke i'm ok with those but only 1 of each poke per team lv...
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    win and get rares + possibly shinys

    The Chariards flame tourny RULES *no cheated pokemon *no status healing items unless its hp restoring items but if your in need i quess i could let you if ya tell me *lv 50 all battles *So thats about it i think it would be fair if the last place person gave...
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    Win and get a legit charmander
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    Win and get a legit charmander
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    Win and get a legit charmander
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    me want a battle

    me want a battle