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    The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision!

    OK! *jumps from closet with a penguin on head* I've been reading the Quest for the Legends on dragonfly cave, but it's here too!?! IT's one of the best pieces of work I've read on these forums. I shall diligently watch for new posts. I just got back from defeating the marquee of doom. Icelandic...
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    The Sevii Islands Saga

    SORRY M2! I was supposed to make a big dramatic post, huh? i just couldn't because real life actually got my attention... OK! I AM........CCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAUGHT UP! XP don't worry, i'm still reading..... You'll NEVER get rid of me!
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    The Sevii Islands Saga

    I'll take a chap list please. =)
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    The Sevii Islands Saga

    HELLO! :) I'm only on chappie 16, but i don't want to be a closet reader, and since i asked Manaphyman 2 review my fic, I owe him a review. SO. Really good fic, I know ur a good reviewer from DJ, and turns out you're a good writer 2! so, just an issue, but it seems to me that there r 2 many...
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    pokemon: warriors of the soul

    Hey. welcome....(drumroll) to my fanfic! so, i've been inspired by the stories here(*cough*Mix*cough*):) so, here's a fanfic of my own. set in sinnoh. This is not a dj ripoff. ,Yes, it has a prophecy and elemental features, but it is different. I hope mix doesn't disagree, cuz she's my favorite...