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    New site ahead!

    I created (with the help of Invader Absol) a new Okami fan site! Pardon the messiness, I have only created this site recently... If you've played the game and enjoy it, please feel free to join! Here's the link: [link removed]
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    The Return...

    Yep, everyone who was wondering where I was, I'm back! Just had a lot of work to do and also tennis stuff. (I play 4 times a week) ...Oh yeah, and a lot of school problems. I'm a freshman in high school and I already am thinking of transferring. The kids are really rude and full of...
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    Worst Lip-sinking?

    Have you ever watched an anime and thought,"It doesn't even look like the characters are saying the words!" Well, this is where you can vent about the worst of them.
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    Its that time again... Mid-term season. Do you have them this year? Do you think yours will be hard if you do have them? Well, I have them for seven classes: Geometry Spanish English Computer Skills Art Theology Biology
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    Who's your favorite Hoenn gym leader?

    So, who's your favorite Hoenn gym leader? If I had to choose it would be... Possibly Roxanne. EDIT: Here, I posted a poll too.
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    Is there anyone else out there?

    What I mean is, are there any anti-shippers out there? And I mean, seriously, to the shippers, not all of us are that bad. I'm one, and I don't annoy anyone about it or spam people who do support shippings. Also, if this is in the wrong section, please move it. And please, do not turn this...
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    Where have all the Magikarps gone?

    Ok, so I'm playing Mystery Dungeon Blue and I go to Waterfall Cave to look for a Magikarp. I check what floors they're on in the walkthrough on Serebii. Then, I keep going to Waterfall cave until BF11 and haven't run into a single Magikarp! Are Magikarps rare or something or are there certain...
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    I'm going as Charamander. Anyone else? For those who don't know, Animazment is a anime convention where you dress up as a character from anime.
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    Anyone for DDR?

    Hey, I'm one, and I've seen some others, but who out there likes DDR(Dance Dance Revolution).
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    maxx unlimited's art shop :)

    Hello, and welcome to my art shop. I only can draw pencil art, and CAN'T do any art on computer programs(sprites, avatars, banners, etc) WHAT I DRAW: Pokemon Sometimes I will draw a Pokemon character from the anime OCs(original characters), just be sure to describe them I can draw most...
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    maxx unlimited's art ^^

    I draw mostly actual pokemon but I'm willing to draw characters as well. Here is what I have so far: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/84152048 http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/84151696 http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/84151596 http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/84151513...
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    Pokemon/DDR randomness

    I have a few warnings before I post this. 1. The characters you don't know are DDR characters (dance dance revolution) 2. Alice is a DDR character, not a pokemon character. 3. Contains MUCH character bashing. 4. Yes, Wallace is the one from pokemon. Written by: Madison Edited by: maxx unlimited...
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    The Porthole of Destiny

    A DDR story. There might be more to come. (sorry its so short) The Porthole of Destiny It all began October 31, 2005... “Dang!” said Sabrina as she failed MaxX Unlimited on heavy mode. She was playing Dance Dance Revolution, a game also known as DDR, where you step on the arrows on the...
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    2nd starter question

    in emerald I had over 300 pokemon registered in my pokedex(I mean caught) and I still couldn't get a second starter. did anyone have this problem?
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    Hi, I'm new!!!

    Hi!! I'm new to serebii net, and i can read and write most braille. Who else is new?