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    The Game Thread

    Game is: How long until Profesco locks this, and will his response be sufficiently witty? I'd like to ask that nobody tells Profesco, and that no other Mod or Administrator close this.
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    The YU-GI-OH! Thread

    http://chzmemebase.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/memes-i-sent-them-a-blue-eyes-white-dragon.jpg Well, as an ambassador of children's card games, I believe there should be a dedicated thread to one of my favorite ones- YU-GI-OH!. So, anybody play competitively? Any hype for the new set? Favorite...
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    This is SWAG, A clan dedicated purely to competitive battling. Index 1. Announcements 2. The Rules of Swag 3. Sign-up/Ladder Forms 4. Ladder Clan Announcement/News: RULES: 1. Follow all SPPF Rules 2. This Clan abandons the traditional "Rank" clan system in favor of a Ranking Ladder NOTE...
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    The "N" Word

    N!gger. It's a word you hear on the radio every day sung by today's top african-american music artists. The question is, does the word mean anything anymore? At my High School, everyone says it, Black kids, Spanish kids, Arab Kids, Hell, even White Kids. However, most people that are not in our...
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    I'M BACK. hohooh

    Guess who's back?
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    DEEZ NUTZ (Not HO)

    It's A pretty Offensive team, with some influence from HO, except with some support pokes. This is a WiFi team, Although I have laddered to ~150 with it on PO. Deoxys-S-Light Clay(SHINY) Calm-252 HP, 4 DEF, 252 SP.DEF -Stealth C0cks -Reflect -Light Screen -Taunt Deoxys is an amazing...
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    Just a question but... Why the predetermined avatars only? I don't understand. On pretty much every other forum using the same system as this one, this dosen't exist. This may be a stupid question but... why no freedom of changing your avatar to whatever you want?
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    OU. Baton Pass. *Yawn*

    Ohaither. Another sexually charged RMT that is guaranteed to get your girl moaning (jkjk). Naw, It's just baton pass: Deoxys-S(IMASOFAST)-Light Clay(SHINY) Calm-252 HP, 4 DEF, 252 SP.DEF -Stealth C*cks -Reflect -Light Screen -Taunt Deoxys is the sexiest lead out there. F*ck spinners...
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    NU. Yeah. I said it.

    YO WASSUP NYUUGGAAAAZZZ!!!! I haven't made a sh*tty RMT in a while, And I LOVE NU SO DAMN MUCH, So here it is!!: Swellow(ANGRYBIRDZ)-Flame Orb Jolly-Guts 4 HP, 252 ATK, 252 SPEED -Facade -Brave Bird -U-Turn -Protect Smexy lead. Can OHKO douchebags w/ BB who lead with Masquerain/Venomoth, or...
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    The American Justice System: Is it Fair?

    This Thread is about the American Justice/Court system. I Believe that it is unfair and unjust. 2 years ago, My Grandfather, an 84 year old man, beat an intruder to death after trying to hold him at gunpoint. My Grandfather got life in prison. AN 84 YEAR OLD MAN! IN PRISON! He died in 2...
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    Stop the Gay Threads

    Yo. The gay threads are starting to piss me off. Anyone agree with this?
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    Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall Stall...

    F*ck the metagame. That's all I have to say. F*ck It. Here's my stall team. And trust me, it trolls: Forretress-Sturdy(HAZARDOUS)(SHINY) Careful-Occa Berry 252 HP, 4 DEF, 252 SP.D -Stealth Rock -Spikes -Rapid Spin -Pain Split The Ultimate Set-up Fodder pokemon. It allows me to set...
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    Middle Cup

    Middle Cup was an extremely ignored metagame created on smogon in gen4. This thread was created because I WANT TO BRING IT BACK!!! Between the New Dream World abilities, and the introduction of the evolite, I think that Middle Cup could actually be a Serious competitive metagame in gen 5. What...
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    Duuuddee... Pass the blunt...

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    Okay. I wanted to have a debate on being a Vegan over being a Human Person who eats all foods. Because I seriously don't get it. No Meat??? They must be insane man. I WANT THIS THREAD TO DEBATE THE ADVANTAGES VS THE DISADVANTAGES OF A VEGEN LIFESTYLE. Happy???
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    The Best Pokemon Region

    Well. Its Time that this thread was created. And I want A REAL DEBATE TO START BROS. WE MUST DISCUSS WHICH ONE IS BEST AND WHZ You must list REASONS Why that region was TEH BEST. I Personally think Hoenn was the best. All the starters could be physical or special, didnt look terrible, and had...
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    The Best Stallers/Walls in 5th Generation

    I wanted to make a thread of all the greatest stallers/walls in the current metagame. Off the top of my head, I'd say: Cresselia (120/120/130) , for sheer stats and access to moonlight (Which is generally reliable healing, but unfortunately is nerfed by it's low PP, so rest is generally...
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    Your Favorite Type of Girl/Guy???

    I usually stay within my troll domain of the CRMT area... But I have a Question that I think will spark discussion... Your Favorite Type of Girl/Guy??? Personally, I Dig Asian Chicks, No doubt. How About You???
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    (OU) The Anti-Meta Troll Team

    I wanted to make another Troll team. I didn't really try to hard when making this... But it's an OK team. TEAM PREVIEW: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tyranitar-Sand Stream(T-T-TTAR) Sassy-Leftovers 100 ATK, 252 HP, 100 DEF, 56 SP.D -Stealth Rock...
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    Who's The Most Underrated RU Pokemon???

    Well... I usually never post outside of the RMT, But I'm personally wondering what people think are really good pokes in RU that have actual OU viability. The poke I believe is very underrated (That I run on my UU team), is Carracosta. This is the Moveset I run on him (as a lead.)...