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    "Approximately 92% of battlers think prediction is a skill...

    8% think it is glorified guesswork." If you are one of those 100% you should RMT. Note: I made this RMT on the D/P skin, so I apologise for any hard to read colours, if you have trouble, switch to the Pokemon D/P skin, and it looks a lot nicer ^.^ Intro: Well hello again CRMT, thanks...
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    An Empoleon RM- Ohwa- |OU RMT|

    Ok, first "Hi" I'm the Wizard of 'Cos, you may have seen me rate, or troll (my bad) your team around about these parts. So this team started as all my teams do; I was bored. So I was surfin' through some smogon pages looking to find a new focus for a new team. I didn't find anything so played a...
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    Team Superhax - to learn the meaning of Ragequat

    Hello there peeps and peepets of the CRMT, this is my latest team that I have created. After being in a slump for a while I am pleased to present my latest team. WARNING WARNING TL;DR APPROACHING This team is bulky offense, in which every member is able to take hits, and most all of them...
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    G'UU'ns n' Roses

    Intro Hello people, you may have seen me around a bit, rating teams and such. But now it is my turn to make a thread, and as you may have guessed this is a UU team, themed around two of the most potent attackers from the UU Metagame. One day I was just lurking around some forums listening to...