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  1. LuringMaster

    Iris' Strongest Pokemon

    Which is Iris' Strongest Pokemon?
  2. LuringMaster

    Chessshipping- The Beginning (PG)

    http://25.media.tumblr.com/d625eb77e3ba74b69580378ffb827784/tumblr_mux9zgTeSh1rtglsho1_500.png Overall Rating: PG Pairings: ChessShipping Author's Note: Hello everyone, Touya here with a fan-fic. Now please excuse myself if it sounds a bit cheesy since this is my first fan-fic. Other than...
  3. LuringMaster

    How's My Pokemon Black and White Team?

    Emboar/Roaster: Lv.85 (Lonely Nature) Ability: Blaze -Flamethrower -Rock Tomb -Strength -Bulldoze I was thinking about getting rid of rock tomb and bulldoze, and replace it with Brick Break and Earthquake, what do you think? Besides from that, I pretty much chose this won cause of high-attack...
  4. LuringMaster

    Favorite Legendary Pokemon

    What is your favorite Legendary Pokemon? Yes, I know, there's more of them, but I couldn't fit all of them due to having a limit of 10.
  5. LuringMaster

    Hardest Pokemon Champion

    Out of all the champions that you've faced, which one that gave you the most trouble?
  6. LuringMaster

    Best Pokemon League Champion

    Alright, this one I got inspiration by a thread about people talking about their favorite Unova Gym Leaders. So, here's my question to you, what's your favorite Pokemon Champion, and why? Was it challenging, was it the music, or the personality?
  7. LuringMaster

    New Person Joining.

    Let me get the greetings out first: I'm TouyaBlack, no, this is not one of those accounts where people think that it's real, when it's not, it's just a normal person joining. The only games I have that is Pokemon related are Pokemon Black and White, and PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond, that's it. I...