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    team help

    Haven't played in long time so i don't really choose any 5th gen pokes although I'ma use this on my black version. Here's my first team idea probably needs some help sense I made it in a few minutes. Please help and criticize on what i should change or just kick overall. infernape (ritzbitz)...
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    poke videos

    well im bored so i figured ill make some videos for some people. ill due like 3 videos at a time. i can make clan videos or trainer intros. heres a link to the video for the upcoming adrenaline storm! =) http://s841.photobucket.com/albums/zz340/bmaster561/?action=view&current=2.flv
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    poke team help?

    wrong forum=x
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    bmasters hail

    ok so heres my idea for a hail team Abomasnow Choice Scarf Hasty Blizzard Wood Hammer Earthquake Hidden Power Fire Articuno Leftovers Timid Substitute Roost Toxic Ice Beam Froslass Leftovers / BrightPowder Timid Substitute Thunder Wave/Hail Spikes...