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    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    I hope I'm in the right place. Most of my shinies have come through the Friend Safari and fishing. This week, I was engaged in the former, and I ran into a shiny Luxio after a couple of days of trying. My first ball (I like to use Premier Balls for shinies) failed, so I decide to weaken it...
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    Words and phrases that annoy you

    The phrase "I could care less" is a peeve, as well as "literally" when not meant literally. Also, the "adjective noun is adjective" phrase, where both adjectives are the same word.
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    What was the inspiration for your username?

    I used something cheesy ("I need scissors! 61!") and gave it a little twist. I also wanted to use a name completely unrelated to my self.
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    PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

    I think it also helps that Clawitzer is a version exclusive. But yeah, fished shinies have been seriously devalued. Anyway, I'm going to hopefully succeed with chaining on land. I haven't had the best of luck with it...
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    PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

    After trying (and failing) with Pokéradar earlier this morning, I went to Route 21 to try to catch a shiny Dragonair. I never caught it, though I did land three Poliwhirl and a red Basculin. I also improved my best fishing chain from 111 to about 172.
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    PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

    While I've gotten the consecutive fishing down, the Pokéradar is getting the better of me. The "upbeat music" is, to me, a harbinger of the end of my chain, killing the streak no more than two Pokémon after hearing it. I'd ask for help, but it's probably just me "racking disciprine"...
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    I added you back :)

    I added you back :)
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    PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

    I think that is what it means. For me, it's less about boasting and more about the fact that I'm no expert with the other methods :p
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    I don't think it helps that the emperor was a princess beforehand.
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    nostalgia aside how good were red/blue/yellow

    I won't get into Red/Blue, but I thoroughly enjoyed Yellow. Would I be able to play it now without the advent of Running Shoes or being able to fast forward it on Stadium/Super Game Boy? Yeah, actually. However, I have to add... "Wild EKANS used WRAP! The attack continues! The attack...
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    When Did You Become A Fan Of Pokemon?

    Gen 3, when an Army friend of mine introduced me to R/S. Got hooked on Emerald. Been playing ever since.
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    "Unloved" Pokemon

    Well, I was a Rattata fan, but two words had to ruin it for me: Youngster Joey.
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    All right. Adding you back.

    All right. Adding you back.
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    Moved a few months back, and have almost never been on here. Just beat Y, so yay me, I guess...

    Moved a few months back, and have almost never been on here. Just beat Y, so yay me, I guess. Good to hear from ya.
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    Most Dissapointing Pokemon You Have Used From The 5th Generation

    After a third consecutive generation of a Fire/Fighting starter, I'm sad that I continued the tradition of using the Fire starter. Emboar is just... underwhelming. Also, Unfezant would've been so much better if its stats reflected all those special moves it learns leveling up.
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    To this day, I press and hold B whenever the ball hits a Pokèmon. Back in Gen I, I thought it made a difference. Now, it just doesn't feel right if I don't do it.
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    Most Epic Fails in the Pokemon Games

    I had run into a shiny Girafarig in the Safari Zone back in FireRed. My younger brother told me "I bet it'll flee," and sure enough, two Safari balls later... it fled.
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    I'd like to. Not sure how, but hey, October is a long time away.

    I'd like to. Not sure how, but hey, October is a long time away.
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    Do people still play PBR?

    If my Wii would cooperate with me, I'd probably be among those still playing.
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    The Never-Ending Cheat v.???

    ...make a Porygon form out of corrupt Game Boy data. Have it use Sharpen three times and prick your finger on one of its edges, after which you must...