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    My Digital Art and Sketches

    Hello Serebii.net! This topic is all about ma drawings, and comments and criticism would be appreciated. WARNING, large pictures.(I mean really big!) My first Digital artwork, of me This one I did randomly, I might make it an avatar(not here cause you can't upload avatars here)
  2. K

    Don't know where this goes: Pokemon Rainbow Version(Made with RPGMakerXP)

    I am currently making a Pokemon game and its called: Haha, Pokemon Rainbow Version! Here is a video of what I have so far(for proof). [LINK REMOVED] BTW I had no idea why the Pokemon Center is Pitch Black, but I fixed that. And Absol's Teleport was a mistake as well. I currently have the map...
  3. K

    Ma Pokemon Art

    I did a few pokemon drawings, but lost most of them. Here is a pikachu I drew.
  4. K

    Please rate my team!

    Hello Serebii.net! I just beat the elite four and transfered my pokemon. Please tell me if anything is illegal. Thank you. (* means shiny) Absol Lv.100 (Gentle) Pressure (optional) EVs: Unknown -Thunder Bolt -Psycho Cut -Night Slash -Swords Dance *Zangoose Lv.100 (Lonely) Immunity...