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    Returning to competitive (OU)

    Hello, I havent played competitive mons since before volcanions release, and want to come back but i dont understand the meta, I made this team in an effort to start over. I'm not using any z-moves cause i have no idea how to properly use them. Tapu Bulu@Leftovers Grassy Surge...
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    As calm as drizzle, but strong as a storm

    This team was at first around Zapdos and SD Garchomp, but after some tries and the help of a friend choosing a new focus, I made this team aroun another pokemon, Suicune, Suicune is one of my favorites from 2nd gen, and it has good potential for OU. Shigure@Leftovers Pressure Bold...
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    Flower Field an OU team

    This is my first 6th gen rate my team, and I bring a team with one of my favorite pokemons: Shaymin, because I think Shaymin is underrated and it should deserve more respect, the team it`s still in formation, though it`s working very well. Shaymin@Life Orb Natural Cure Modest...
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    Sword and Shield

    6th generation is coming and I wanted to do a last team before it, this team is based around in 3"shield" Pokemon and 3"sword" pokemon. The shield pokemon work is to wall and stall for a late game sweep, so here they are: Hansha-kyō@Light Clay Timid/Magic Bounce 252HP/4SpA/252Spe...
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    Sun's Comeback

    I've been using my old sun team lately and I felt it could use some changes, my old team was: so I'll present my new sun team Changes in Bold Ninetales@Leftovers Timid/Drought 252HP/120Def/136Spe Flamethrower Will-O-Wisp Sunny Day Solarbeam This Ninetales set is one that work is...
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    Rain Pour

    It's been a long time since my last team, because I stopped to refresh my head and think better in team building, so here's my new team. Voice@Leftovers Bold/Drizzle 252HP/252Def/4SpA Scald Toxic Protect Encore StallToed is my favorite way of using Politoed, because it can take...
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    Let Latias Shine

    I've been playing random battles in Showdown and then I found a pokemon that I've never used before and it dazed me how good it was. Latias@leftovers Timid 252HP/4SpA/252Spe Calm Mind Roost Dragon Pulse Psyshock Latias is the team star, it's special bulk let her set up easily...
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    New Team

    Here's a new team and it needs some rating it's nothing fancy but it includes some of favorite pokemon. http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/4703/empoleonv2byxous54.png Emperor@Leftovers Calm/Torrent 248 HP / 44 Def / 216 SpD Scald Stealth Rock Roar Protect Empoleon is my special...
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    It's Show Time!

    I made a bet with my friend, that I could make a thematic team, and because I'm a pianist(student), I chose music and dance as a theme, this is a double weather team, my first one, and I would be really glad if you rate it. http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/2019/648meloettam.gif Muse@Expert...
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    Sun shine

    This sun team is a new one and I want it to be reviewed before using it in competitions, in showdown it was pretty good, but I want some opinions. Ninetales@leftovers Timid/Drought Hp 252/Def 120/Spe 136 Flamethrower Will-o-Wisp Roar Solarbeam Ninetales is my weather inducer, and...
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    New Team

    Here's my new team that I created on purpose to get out of my comfort zone in team building, I created a team using pokemon sets I've never used, so I would like it to be rated...
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    Which pokemon you want to see get a boost??

    This thread is for all of you who want to say which pokemon you want to get a boost, and which kind of boost in the future. Well, mine would be Shuckle, I really like it I, it just needs something like Spore or Recover.Imagine the pokemon with the biggest walling capabilities but low HP with...
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    My new sand team for competitions

    Well, I made this sand team and I would like you to rate it please ;248;Tyranitar@Shed Shell Sand Stream Careful 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD Stealth Rock Crunch Stone Edge Pursuit Well, here I have my weather inducer,Tyranitar,these Evs will let him survive at least one turn to put on...