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    The Bleach Club...2.

    Hello everyone! c: Just dropping a quick message here, among other things, to say that i am WOEFULLY inactive and I probably need to catch up on Bleach, as I dropped it about halfway through the Fullbringer arc, once I catch up i'll try to be more active. Oh and I kinda sorta lost my old MSN...
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    The Bleach Club...2.

    WHAT WAS THIS ABOUT ME BEING A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS? isweartogodiwillkillyouall *cough*
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    KIDAAA! dau.c wants to write me and ant well here i'll show you C&c says: *chapter 3 is gonna be...

    KIDAAA! dau.c wants to write me and ant well here i'll show you C&c says: *chapter 3 is gonna be fun *you run crying into ILP's arms *and then you two have wild orgasmic sex C&c says: *well, i have to commemorate ILP saving you somehow
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    Point to having kids?

    It's okay if a small part of the population doesn't reproduce but we MUST have kids. Y'know, so the human race doesn't y'know..die. /thread?
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    Has technology gone to far?

    What are you talking about? The LulzSec hackings aren't proof that techonlogy has gone too far, their proof that people are lazy and can't be bothered to not use one password for every account they use on everything, or just in general make their accounts more secure
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    Has technology gone to far?

    Explain exactly what you mean? There are limitless uses, and they should all be exploited if it improves efficiency.
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    Should Osama Bin Laden's Death Pic be publicly shown?

    He's dead. Although he's commited the murder of thousands, and misled many peiople, it is still a human being. Burying him at sea was the right thing to do, and releasing the pictures so we can wave around his dead carcass like a trophy is unethical and not worth it. The pictures won't shut up...
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    Has technology gone to far?

    No! Never! We're just starting in the world, we haven't solved issues that need to be solved for human life to last longer. Were already getting extremely overpopulated, eventually, we're either going to have to stop people from getting pregnant, or cast out into space! We need more medicine...
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    The Bleach Club...2.

    SO I HEARD IT WAS GOLDE'S BIRTHDAY! So that's pretty awesome. So remember people, this is Golde's day! I didn't exactly get Golde a present..But hopefully my enthusiam and constant destruction of property is enough! So it's time for rockin and relaxation, and let the fanfiction flow...
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    10,000,000 Posts

    Now take out all the annoying one-liners, mis-spelled (i'm such a hypocrite woo), bad grammar(hyprocritenazilol), or trolls/idiots/bigots posts, and see how many we have.
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    The Bleach Club...2.

    Luke, cmon man. Those aren't similarities. I can litteraly name every single power here. I've played infamous 1 and 2, both good and evil playthroughs. If you could see a Bleach character fight another character from another manga/anime/book/etc., what would the fight be? General Armstrong...
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    The Bleach Club...2.

    Welcome to the club! I'm the Squad 11 Captain, causing the most collateral damage and mental problems since 2010! join me and you get a post composed entirely of gifs If you need help with your zanpaktou all the captains would love to help. Edit For Tubeworm: Well, you make a zanpaktou (the...
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    The Bleach Club...2.

    First post in a while and it's for this? I feel so dirty. I'd just like to mention that i DO check the club every day, I just don't post much. So if you have a comment/question/reply, I will respond. Eye colour: Light red. Hair colour: Sky Blue Hair style: Waist-length hair, with little spikes...
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    The Bleach Club...2.

    Just to mention, were not talking about the game, were talking about what you are constantly doing in your fanfic, and just in general. Read that, and trust me, what your doing aren't #4's, their #1's. Second of all, you never, under ANY circumstances, just say "Lol ignore the plotholes this...
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    Gun Laws- Positive or Negative?

    All these arguments about how people burst in with a gun, and if etc etc would of had one, they would of saved people, is kind of stupid. You can't rob a bank with a knife. If they would just ban the production, ownership, and right to fire guns in the first place, no one would have a gun. No...
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    Baby Storm: The "Genderless" Baby

    Their not forcing anything on their child, and this isn't a experiment. Their giving Storm a choice. Once Storm is old enough, probably old enough to talk, he/she can choose to start identifying as whatever gender he/she wants. Or he/she can choose to identify as neither, or both. It's not going...
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    we can put him in with Luke, and maul him.

    we can put him in with Luke, and maul him.
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    dragon...ground....my brain. it hurts.

    dragon...ground....my brain. it hurts.
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    Was the scizor baton passed?

    Was the scizor baton passed?
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    Do ghosts and/or leprechauns exist?

    To be honest, no. The tstupid crackpot things people see when their high off their *** which leads to people believing in ghosts is so implausible and leaves SO many questions. Why do ghosts show up in the first place? To haunt people because they didn't die in peace? That's a extremely stupid...